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If any of you have opinions on minimum wage in America id love to plagiarize use your arguments to help my success with this project and plus I want to hear your opinions, thanks for reading,

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I’m not American but I can try helping. You’re assignment is against minimum wage?


Its for minimum wage increase


Okay let me think…

Minumum wage should be increased because the amount that is being provided is ridiculously low and some people need to take more than one job in order to sustain themselves or their family. The tip option is not a fair form of income to validate minimum wage because only certain jobs allow that option to occur.

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I don’t know how big the difference in america was, but in germany we have people that need several jobs to pay their normal everyday bills and that is even still happening with minimum wage. It was even worse before, however since capitalists have little regards for something that can easily be replaced (quite similar to the industrial revolution to be honest) a person that wants more money is something that can be replaced especially in low knowledge fields.

One could argue with the payment being as low as it was that you weren’t working to life anymore, but life to work. Which in essence is slavery. Slaves weren’t everywhere unpaid after all they could sleep and eat for free.

However to not drift off and get a good main point that you can maybe transfer to america there is a pretty good reason that germany implemented the social care program. During the industrial revolution you had the effect (I assume globally) that people from the land would go in droves into the cities. Since there was no social community if you didn’t work you would outright die from starvation. So everybody needed to work.

That in turn made sure that nobody was really earning anything other than to eat bread. They were sleeping with like 8-10 people in 1 mattress in cycles since nobody alone could afford the rent. Another aspect of the same coin really is that there was no protection stuff being used whatever the work was. If a worker died - who cared? Nobody. That worker would simply be replaced by someone else that needed to work in order to survive the day (and yes it was that bad, one of the reasons children literally had to work). Obviously sick people or unemployed had massive reasons to be angry right? and unfortunately they were all gathered in one place we call city and that was the right coctail to kick off a bloody revolution. In order to prevent that politicians decided to invent social care in germany and I assume the reasons are not too different around the globe. Don’t believe for a second that it was out of goodwill. It wasn’t it was pure self-preservation because everybody knows which heads roll when the masses rise.

People here were paid as low as 3€ per hour which with a fulltime job could lead to something measily as 500€ in a month. Which is so little that you could actually fill the rest you actually need to survive via social care. For us not only this is not possible anymore but there is also work young people often do where you go into a firm and it was traditionally for free to see if you like the job or to learn stuff for your studies. Obviously firms started to take those in masses.

It wasn’t uncommon that a supermarket for example had 5 fixed employees, 4 part timers and 8 ( says:) threshold workers (should be wrong). It was simply free short-term labor power, but sometimes they kept promising that after a year they might take them or two years and make them full employees and people actually worked 1-2 years for free and it was legal.

With the history knowledge I told you you should also be able to understand that if you take the present and take out social care - where would we likely be? Exactly at the point where social care was invented to prevent revolution.

However as knowledge grows and pressure people started to move yet again and I believe that is how minimum wage was introduced. Certainly not because someone wants to help those poor guys. It is yet another scheme to keep capitalism going a couple more years. I also think that if you aren’t 40+ yet will see capitalism end in a bang, but minimum wage certainly added a couple of years onto that.

Without minimum wage poor people were literally slaves. If you have 3 jobs to pay rent and eat and have no freedom the only difference is that you aren’t physically shakled.

The popular contra would obviously be that it is so hard to make the firm work, but that is a load of crap. If you have a firm that can only marginally net a plus if half a dozen or more people are put into slavery the firm is better put to rest. Elimination of competitors is a natural instinct of capitalists so then another firm has to meet the higher demand and will employ persons to do it - if a competitor had to close down due to moral reasons.


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Yeah well if I actually knew anything about minimum wage other than it being introduced it would have helped more, but I mean it isn’t like they had any choice. It was minimum wage or a demonstrating movement with massive sympathy in the population. We all remember how hard spartacus was to take care of right? :smiley:

You can also like one line your assignment:

If you think there are valid reasons against minimum wage I suggest that you take 3 shitty jobs a month and see how fulfilling payday is to you.


Actually, it’s worse than that. If you are a server or in another field where tipping is common place, they can justify paying you less than minimum wage BECAUSE of the tips.


Wow… That’s messed up.


You don’t even want to know what’s happening here in Greece about wage


It is. Check it out: Federal US minimum wage (it varies from state to state) is $7.25 an hour. That’s pretty low and I don’t know who can survive on that. However, if you work in a field where tips occur, it drops down to $2.13!


Maybe the tipping culture can be replaced with higher prices?

In the UK at a restaurant you often get a “service charge”, this is usually 10% of the total bill because there is no tipping culture here and it is a mandatory payment. This results in higher average staff wage, now this might not relate directly to minimum wages but it can be a good alternative should minimum wages remain unchanged as it is a solution to those in the service sector.

Personally my arguments in assignments have been very good as I examine both sides and propose alternative solutions, it really does show you are knowledgeable about a subject and willing to find alternatives.


To provide an alternative view: the minimum wage can be bad because it normally means a maximum wage for a lot of people and a more long term way of helping would be to make sure our costs are low - that mainly means low taxes, low housing costs (by building more houses, cheap energy) and low inflation


I would consider a pay like that as a form of slavery. The system is messed up.


Keep in mind that an increase in minimum wage will not always benefit us. An increase in minimum wage could also cause an increase in the prices of products, making middle-class bigger but also increasing the gap between upper and lower class. Lower class will lose out because they won’t be able to afford the new prices that companies charge to make up for the increased wages their giving out.

The only people that would be benefiting from this are the few people earning that minimum wage.

Minimum wage increasing could even cause more unemployment as a company would want to keep their cost of production the same, so they fire workers as they can’t afford to pay everyone the new minimum wage.

Also, if minimum wage increased, the US would be an even more desirable place for illegal immigrants to come over for those increased minimum wages which would lead to unemployment as well.

On the plus side though, it could encourage workers to be more productive (since they got a raise) and they will work harder.

Gotta love having a girlfriend that takes Economics in college :wink: you end up learning a lot.


If you want a good grade on your paper then definitely use quote’s from Karl Marx’s communist manifesto. Quoting and using quotes for or against your argument significantly improves the quality of your paper.

Also, the foundation of a good argumentative paper is showing that you have real understanding of the subject and that you are making your point because you have reason to and not “just because”.

So I will help you by asking you this: why should there be an increase to minimum wage?


The counter argument to “raising the minimum wage will raise the price of all goods” lies in the heart of basic economics. Literally econ 101.

Products and services are priced optimally for consumers. They charge as much as they can while moving as making as many sales as they can. This price point is relative to many things, but universally anchored to the consumer’s available income.

If McDonald’s raised their prices in order to completely recoup the cost of increasing wages, they would sell SIGNIFICANTLY fewer items. The more of the cost they try to shift back to the consumer, the fewer consumers willl buy their product. They’ll make more money per unit sold, but less overall profit. They CAN’T raise the price much without shooting themselves in the foot.

We still need to get back to zero sum, so where did the rest of the money come from? If employees are getting paid better, and the consumers aren’t paying more, the business has to make less in profit overall. But this still a profit, and it’s still the most amount of money they can make given the market’s structure. They can’t raise prices without selling fewer units and making less profit overall. They have to take the hit to their profits - any other changes to their pricing would hurt them more than the wages.