Help with choosing fight location


When the game first came out, I only played the monster to unlock them all. I didn’t have interest in the monsters and preferred being on the hunter team.

But ever since the behemoth, I’ve been playing monster more. I’ve also learned that choosing where to fight is extremely helpful. If I let the hunters dome me in a cave then my rock wall and lava bomb are more effective, plus I’m safer from hanks orbital and torvalds mortar.

I want to try the other monsters now but I’m not sure where to fight with them. Where are good areas on the maps to look for to fight for the original three monsters?


Caves are great for the Goliath, since all of his abilities can hit multiple hunters at once. The same applies to Kraken. But, since Kraken can fly, wide open spaces with little cover for the hunters will work as well - you can bomb them from the sky while taking little damage. The relay in Fusion Plant is a good example.
The Wraith requires cover. You do not want to fight the entire Hunter team at once with the Wraith. She works great when you can flit between cover and hit with abilities.


For all Monsters, fighting near water and dangerous wildlife is a good tactic.
For Goliath, I always try to choose areas that don’t allow Hunters to get up high, caves, rivers, areas where I can keep an eye on everyone and close distances.

For Kraken, large open areas, such as the beach on Distillery where the Hunters are stuck on the ground and are unable to get level with me via pillars or cliffs. Stay away from caves and tight spaces.

For Wraith, anywhere with lots of cover and variety is fine, caves are good for supernova and high up spaces are great for abducting.

For Behemoth, fight in caves and tunnels, such as in the Aviary, and pits, like in the Fusion Plant. Places that make it hard to escape and easy to trap people in close quarters. Open areas with lots of cover and obstacles are kill zones for Behemoth, people can just stay out of your way and pelt you from a distance.


Is there a way to make it more likely that a dangerous wildlife will choose to attack the hunters over the monster, or random, or different for each wildlife? Because when I’m a hunter it always seems like the wildlife is on the monsters side helping them get incaps. But when I’m the monster it seems just as likely the wildlife will charge after me, especially that annoying dune beetle.


It depends who aggros the wildlife first, and who’s within mauling distance.


I don’t really know the maps from the monster’s perspective. Are there any maps where I shouldn’t pick a certain monster because they don’t have an advantageous fighting location, like a stage with no good open area locations for the kraken? And are there any maps that favor a certain monster? The new mine stage on the Xbox looks like it was designed for the behemoth, for example.


Kraken: Wide open areas with little high ground for the Hunters and water, water, water. Fighting Kraken on a beach is BRUTAL. Alternatively, caves- like the one in Barracks- will make your AOE lightning absolutely devastating.

Goliath: Hmm. Goliath is very versatile, but I’d recommend areas with little to no pillars/high ground for Hunters.

Wraith: Hehehehe…Confined, tight areas, lots of line of sight blockers. Absolutely amazing for Decoy, SN, WB.

Behemoth: Caves. Need I elaborate? I will never fight Behemoth in caves. Ever, ever, EVER. ;W;