Help with Badge Colors


How in the hell we unlock new colors for our badges???


Continue playing with the character


I swear my Goliath is 26 and I have one column of just blue


I want to know the answer as well.
Lvl 35 character and still only able to use blue.


There’s nothing wrong with a little color of blue is there?


Can anyone give an idea of what character rank will unlock a colour, and how much colour?


but, just like 5 shades of blue???


I really don’t know what to say :confused: I’m a founder so I have all of them but I don’t really care about it much cause I play the game and not spend 15 minutes on my badge :stuck_out_tongue:


its just frustrating to unlock a cool emblem and not be able to use it really


What emblem?


Any emblem we like that is unlocked is colour limited, I also have a high level character (32) and haven’t unlocked any colours.


@Insane_521 or @GentlemanSquirl Can you shed some light onto this question?


You have all of the colours on the default starting badges (like we do) and the founders badges, the rest of the badges which you unlock through character progression will have their colours locked.


Guess I didn’t know that :stuck_out_tongue:


What? You used to be able to fo whatever you wanted. No more color picker?


That’s just ridiculous.


Well the developers said you can unlock the colours for those badges as you progress, but like we’re stating, Char Lv. 32 and no colours have been unlocked so far.


I believe the colors are locked with certain badges, but I’m not sure which specific badges unlock which colors.


All the badges I’ve unlocked come limited to one colour palette, but doesn’t affect any of the other badges.

All the badges unlocked only have one colour palette available.


This explains why the background I’m using isn’t the color I picked.

Though what I really want is the triceratops head with the arm foreground I used to use (from Hunter’s Quest), no idea how to unlock it though (I presume Hank, but that’s a guess).