Help with Arc Mine mastery


I am going for the 12-Sided Die trophy so I can platinum my game (I also need Premade, but that is really easy). I am having trouble with Markov’s Arc Mines. I have played a full five battles in Arena and only got 3,000 damage out of 27,000. I am halfway done with expert LG and AR. Why? The Monster (Bobby boy) kept destroying them before they could activate. Does anyone have a strategy to get them to blow up? I always take damage bonus but am consider going with reload speed.


Try to put a mine each time it blows up and do not approach the monster. I did that with a Wraith bot and it worked quite well.


Try playing defend. Lay mines on any path entering the generator area and lay mines near the turrets first and then by the generator.


Goliath might be easier to hit as all his attacks aren’t AoEs. He won’t attack the mines either so he will walk through them.


Ok a very, very easy way is to play Defend with bots. Place the arc mines right next to the turrets. What almost always happens is the monster runs to the turret and then BOOM! Thats how I did it.


Your first problem is the monster. Behemoth can’t jump to avoid the mines but he is the monster that controls his space the best. He won’t even be trying to destroy your mines but they be destroyed anyway. Best monster for this would be wraith tho it wouldn’t be much harder against a goliath. Go into arena and set the difficulty to favors hunters but fight a stage 3 monster. If you really want to go the extra mile you could wait until sudden death and get huge numbers from every single mine that damages the monster


Ok, I got to the elite masteries. What do you guys think would be the best way to elite the mines?


What does it need again?


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Well, there are three ways to do it without much difficulty. the semi-cheating super easy way, the easy way, or the more than slightly difficult way.

I made my friend do it the cheating way, and I did it the slightly difficult way.

In no particular order:
A) the semi-cheating way. Do you have a friend who also owns evolve on the same platform? If yes, custom match against the friend to get him to max your mine mastery without much difficulty. Why is it semi-cheating? Nearly 0 effort required, and extremely effective. Your friend on the Monster would only have to watch his armor and keep from dying to wildlife somehow, and all you would need to do is plant the mines, run about 100m away (so far away you can barely see a Stage 3 Goliath un-crouched.) Plant 3 for maximum effect, as the third one counts for another pair provided you don’t take any damage per the specifications.

B) The Easy Way - Go into defend mode, as someone said earlier. Instead of setting them on the turrets, set them on the path the monster will take after it destroys the first generator, and set them all the possible ways the monster could come in on the second and third generators. In my experience playing solo, Monster A.I. tend to run very far away from generators if they need to recover armor, giving you plenty of room to plant traps. This will take longer, but if you want at least some slightly effective practice, it will be better than method A.

C) The Medium Way - Go into Arena/Hunt mode (still solo). Play like normal. Every time you fight the Monster, lay mines as often as possible. Most A.I. won’t care to break your mines. Repeat a ton. You’ll be crushing the A.I. by the time you’re done, nearly guaranteed.

D) Ha, a fourth one - This one is Hard Mode. Play PvP. Mine the absolute shit out of the enemy. You will have to actually play if you want to win, and it’s not impossible, just very difficult. Some players may make it feel impossible with their attention to small details like traps, but if you do it this way, you will walk out of the entire thing a much better monster killer.

Keep in mind, I chose C, and when my friend wanted to get mastery but was a lazy fucker I made him do A).