Help! Unable to find a match!


So i played evolve religiously in the beta, and i preordered the game. When it released i played it for a day or two but due to circumstances i wasnt able to play any more untill now.

So right now im level 2, and i spend hours searching for a match without finding anything. Help!


Day first 27,000 players.

After the month: ~1,000 players

That’s why. Game is dying quickly.


Can usually find matches pretty fast as level 40. Maybe there are no low levels? My best suggestion, is to find people on the forums to make customs with; or perhaps join MM with altogether.


Usually find matches easily at Level 40. There are sometimes when it hiccups though.


Yup this game is broken as hell. Got worse after the big update march 31


Last night I had serious issues finding any game, just a single lobby with 2 other people that we kept rejoining when we tried to find a new lobby, and nobody ever filled in the remaining slots. I’m like, “I know it’s Monday at 3am but there HAS to be more than 2 other people in the region online.” So I set myself to no preference and immediately found a new lobby with plenty of players cycling in and out.

I think it’s just matchmaking being weird and putting people into purgatory sometimes.


What system? And what game mode? PC is really the only one that has a low playerbase that should effect matchmaking, and that’s usually late night (4 AM EST is the lowest). I still don’t often have problems finding a Skirmish game except between like 2-5. (Obvious trolls are obvious trolls.)


This is me! PC. Ill keep trying at different times.


Check your steam download region, that’s what it uses to decide who to matchmake you with. If you’re in a low player area you may have to set it to the wrong region to ever find a match


If you’re on XboxOne, I can hop into a custom with you or something and we can get that level 2 issue out of the way!


Thats absolutely terrible…sheesh…i just wanted to play a few quick matches. If any high level guys are willing to add me, please do let me tag along! I play pretty well. EU only though, ill get 200 ping which is fine for evolve. Cant play in US.


Ah yep, looking at your cable links I’d say UK/France are probably your best bet for getting some matchmaking population (sorry, I assumed you were AU/NZ). But there’s a steam group that should be helpful -


pc c-c consoles not viable for use in asian countries.