Help to make me a profile picture :(

I am not sure, but I am almost 99% sure it would breach some sort of community guidelines :stuck_out_tongue:

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Would this do?

Exceptions can be made.

I hope you’re not abusing your powers again? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If it is needed, maybe I’ll finish it.


This atwork has the full approval of the moderation team.


The splodges are gonna be goliath drool. :3


Maximum approval reached.


I love you so much for this.

I’ll continue on it if @Daisy_Slayer is interested, but for now… I MUST EAT


Mines is exclusively towards Daisy; ever just have her howl you in the right direction only to take you where you were headed?!
Ever try eating her…takes much longer than her fit relatives. And she’s ugly

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Yes please :slight_smile: that’s so cool! You’re awesome TW!!

Yaaay, I’ll refine it and see what I can do~

Hey, a slightly knocked out [dead] Daisy is just fine by me!

Ever tried killing her? A lot easier than her relatives.

Lets share the Daisy love, people :wink:

Sweet!! Thanks a bunch!

Haha I have, actually, if during a stage one battle they have Maggie; Daisy is actually my first victim.
At least the trapjaws of Shear attack and are annoying; unlike Ms.Daisy of Factor.

Thanks, haha don’t wanna seem clueless.

It’s a pixel art one. :smile:

You made it? :grin: