Help to make me a profile picture :(

Anybody out there that can help make me an image for my profile? Nothing too fancy or spectacular…anything is better than the default, am I right?

You want help getting an image? Or actually putting that image on your profile?

You mean you want something drawn for you?

What kind ya lookin for m80?

What kind do you want? An abstract picture, a character? I’ve cycled through pictures of my moniker, blue roses, to pictures of characters I like (or hate…) to this one, which is part of a matching pair I made for @Shin and myself. :blush: It’s all up to what you think is nice.


@Pythios @Lord_Pharaoh I was looking to change it to an original piece because I lack the skills and don’t have any cool software >_<

Haven’t gave it much thought yet haha :sweat_smile: I shall get back to you soon [TRS don’t sue me for your trademark]

An original work of your own? I’m not understanding what you want.

Haha you do change yours quite a bit–I’m thinking maybe something that has to do with slaying Daisy haha idk :grin: A character for sure though, or abstract? You gave me too many ideas!



I would like someone to create something simple for me–so an original piece of another’s work, to be used as my profile picture.
Would be paid in virtual hugs and mentioned throughout time and space as an amazing individual

You understand my displeasure over the obese “dog” yes?

This is the ‘official’ fanart thread, but you can search for specific stuff using the spyglass in the corner. Keywords and whatnot.


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Sweet thanks!

It’s cause we’re cool!

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I don’t change mine much. But I like the matching pictures with my friend. ^.^

Just changed the title so other people don’t think you want to know how to upload a DP

@Daisy_Slayer @MidnightRoses

May I ask if your Daisy hatred extends to all of the trapjaws (as they all seem to be a liddle chubby), or is the hatred exclusively reserved for Daisy? o.0


What type of picture would having a dead Daisy be like? O.O