Help the spam


Okay then, I don’t know if this truly belongs in feedback, but that’s besides the point. I think that we need a post where people would vote for any hunter/monster they thought was over/under-powered. Now I know that the point of the forum is to help improve the game (and send in fanart/ideas cough cough) but this would allow it to be much more organized. In addition the hunter/monster that you vote to be balanced could link you to another poll which would decide which part of them was op/up; Weapons/abilities. Now I’m gonna head back to asking the important questions, such as if Annie is truly okay.


God dammit Voxelot, you’re my new favorite. Sorry @MidnightMonash.


Who the hell is Annie ?


Why are you doing this to me? This is my recompense for all I’ve done for you? Sobs.


Yeah, pretty much.


I’m done. My life is purposeless now.


Have fun. :wave:


I see the abuse of such a system as I type this, such chaos it’s beautiful.


Shhhh nobody tell himmmmmm.


…I’m going to tell him.


Please no.


Hey @MultiDavid… You know Annie? Well…


NO DON’T. I’ll love you seven-ever if you don’t.


I didn’t tell him. And I won’t…

For now.


No pleaseeeeeeee.


It’s kay. I will never tell him… I find it amusing that he doesn’t know.


Yayeeee. Thanks, bro.


I thought we were friends.


Oh no, I know that you is a lady.

I just call everyone bro. Or dude. Or brosky. Stuff like that. It’s become sort of a habit.


Fair enough… Bro.

Am I doing it right?