[Help request :D] Awesome PC Build


#Hello all!
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Its been a while since I played Evolve, but I never stopped following the updates (bought the PCMR edition afterall).
I have a request for the community :slight_smile:

I’m in the MSI PC building competition, and currently in third place. If you have ~2 minutes spare time to upvote me, I could get pushed to first! There’s 5 more days in the competition. :smiley: Account creation is easy and the site is pretty useful in itself; plus no spam newsletter!

You can find my build [here] (https://pcpartpicker.com/guide/LdMnTW/msi-build-your-dream-pc-guide-the-malevolence).

I’d love feedback on it as well, no need to read the whole description or anything. We had to explain the part choices as part of the competition and I may have overdone it :wink:

Sincerest Gratitude to any and all who take the time to help. :grin:
And here’s hoping this game gets some more recognition this year. Keep hunting!
In case hyperlink doesnt work, here’s the hard link:


put mustard in it and call its your pc mustard race