Help: Perks Hunt


I’m looking for the Leadership and Rocket Lord silver perks, but couldn’t find 'em even after leveling up ten hunters to the 11 and now I’m kinda running low on silver key. Does someone know who gives you those? Thanks!


Rocket Lord is a major hunter perk.
Rocket Lord is a base perk and does not need to be unlocked.

Pulled form the amazing Evolve Game Pedia @

Leadership is a major hunter perk.
Leadership can be unlocked with 2000 Silver Keys.
Unlocked by reaching level 17 with Kala.
Unlocked by reaching level 17 with Cabot.
Unlocked by reaching level 17 with Sunny.


Gamepedia isn’t fully complete. For example superior perks.You won’t find all the ranks there


True, but it did have the relevant information needed for the request.


Thanks a lot! I was hoping to max Rocket Lord out by leveling up hunters to be honest tho’. I just found the first piece in the 11-21 level of Crow. Anyone knows who else’s got this?


I have got gold ones from Slim and Val .Here is some more info about gold perks


I’m kinda going off topic now, but not so much. Does anyone know if the Poisonous Round perk stacks or doesn’t? It is pretty important as it would totally change what kind of hunter you should use it on.