Help out TEAM PSO! (Personal Shield OP LOGO)



Want to help one of the best (PC) NA Teams in evolve? if so, GREAT!

We are trying to find an epic logo to fully represent us as TEAM PSO. The logos you see at the top are a rough idea of what we’re going for. If you give ideas to make this look better, or happen to design one on the forums and post it specifically for us, we might use it!

Haven’t heard of us? Well if you’re itching to watch some competitive evolve game play, here is some awesome footage of us in action.

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Why not use the center circle as the O in OP?

A little bit a photoshop wouuld make it look cool.

Edit: May have been a bit unclear. I was suggesting puting the OP sign in the middle where the circle is. Add a P next to it and put a blue circle like the on in the shield on the P and boom it looks smexxy while staying true to the name without making it look inprofessional and dirty :confused:

‘This is copyrighted under the "Behemoth’s Flint & Stone Act"and cannot be used withouth the permission of the original concept designer’


I’d have said either put the P beneath the circle (or the O), or inside it, just to keep the logo looking centred. I’d probably also suggest getting someone with the patience, and the eye for it to make the P look as if it was always a part of the Personal Shield icon.

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So when I finish make sure I credit BehemothOrigins? :stuck_out_tongue:

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yes c:


So maybe you like one of these :blush:


2 more Trys here below:



pretty interesting ideas.

I like the color scheme of the last one you did with the blue and red but I also like the scratches and the OP of this one


Would you also be able to add a background aura or effect?


I can try that.

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Is that something you are looking for?

Got practice now, so feel free to take a look onto these and let me know ur thoughts - maybe i can help here :wink:


That last one the aura around the shield is pretty cool. Maybe have the black background with a blue shield aura effect around the outside edges. Kinda like this


How you feel about that?

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ooohh the lightning one is pretty cool


so your fine with that? :stuck_out_tongue:


would you help my OCD and center the shield please and yes I like it :D.


OCD? whats that?


It’s obsessive compulsive disorder… in other words I like things to be square/centered/even o_o


So i hope this corresponds to your wish :smile:

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:smiley: yes .

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Well here’s what I did. Nothing fancy but this is intellectual property of @BehemothOrigins :stuck_out_tongue:

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