Help on Trapper abilities needed from the Pros


I love playing Trapper in this game and my favorite is still Abe. However, I started to enjoy playing Maggie now too but I have a few questions about her and the other Trappers.

  1. How do you use her Harpoon Traps in the best way? I know they can be extremely powerful when you manage to stick 2-3 in the monster at the same time, but most of the time I only mange to get in one at a time because the monster destroys them directly.

  2. (This is also for Griffin’s Harpoon) How much sense does equipping the Reload Speed perk do for shooting their Harpoons?

  3. (I am a little ashamed to ask this) As mentioned before I love playing Abe but I don’t really understand what his Stasis Grenades do to the monster. I know it slows down the monster but to what extend? It’s not a powerful as the Harpoons. Is it like the Tranq Gun from Val but just lasts longer?


Stasis nades create an area of effect in which the Monster is badly slowed. It doesn’t prevent ability usage or hamper climbing, but it will keep them bogged down till they leave the AOE. I like to call it Soft CC.

It’s like creating a zone where the Monster is perma-tranqed, essentially.

For Maggie? No clue. Works nicely for Griffin though- he has a single, fire-once poon, then he has to reload. The poon gun’s reload is too fast to switch to weapon and come back later, but rather slow, so reload is nice for Griff.

I’m not the greatest Maggie- there are some killer Magsters on the forums, though- they’ll be here shortyl :wink:- but I think harpoon traps work best when you put them:

Near team mates on high ground like Val or Hank.
On ledges the Monster is likely to climb.
In a path he is likely to use.

That’s all I have. Good luck.

  1. There are multiple ways to use harpoon traps. If I take the high ground with Maggie, I tend to lay a few on the edge of cliffs to hinder a monster trying to catch me. If I domed a wraith who loves to run in circles, I try to anticipate and put traps where I know he will go.

  2. Heard good stuff about the reload pek on Griff’ but I’m not fond of the char myself. Does not seem as useful for Maggie’s traps

  3. Abe’s grenades are handy as they will slow the monster’s regular movement to a crawl, but don’t seem to affect transversal or attack moves (leap/charge) as much as harpoons do. triggering a harpoon trap in the middle of a leap smash is a killer, will I was able to leap smash without trouble while 'naded.


I will talk about Maggie and Griffin, as I have both of 'em on Elite right now (Abe is the boring one, so he takes the 3rd place for Elite podium).

As a general rule, If you have a healer (not Lazarus) in your team I would suggest taking swap speed to increase the DPS of your team. Basically, you switch to your tool to place it or use it, then switch to the gun to deal some damage in the meanwhile tool reloads.

Place the traps away from where people are running, that’s because monster is less likely going to break them before they are armed. If you place them where your teammates are running around, monster has a chance of using AoE attack that will destroy them before they will doe any good. Put them on the side of your path, on some small cliffs, space them out.
Placing them around a corner, where they have limited view range isn’t a bad idea. Sometimes you don’t want traps to fire from that location if monster isn’t in a specific way. You prevent that by blocking its view with obstacles.

Now, reload speed isn’t that bad if you want to stay 24/7 on the harpoon, however you are sacrificing a lot of DPS by doing so. Harpoon in itself deals some damage, however Griffin’s SMG is the most accurate weapon of all trappers, it’s basically a laser gun. Swap speed is recommended. Use harpoon when you see monster is focusing on someone.
Never fly in the air if you are going to harpoon a monster, as harpoon won’t do its job, you must be on the ground for it to stop monster in its tracks.
Firing harpoon to the face of a monster is not a good idea, he can still close onto you, he just can’t move away from you, this doesn’t help if you are the one being focused. If you are in that state, ask Val how to deal with monster aggro where you have no tools to escape (merry-go-round).


First of all a little tip for you:
Mag or Grif are usefull only vs Kraken or Goliath. Because wraith breaks poons in no time. But ABe is on the top in trappers tier. Pick him.take weapon swap per and in ~15 secs u will be able to throw grenade-while its in the air shoot your shotgun till click and dart a monster. And plus he ensnares Kraken so he couldnt fly.

Now to the topic.

  1. Try to cover places where monster is fighting. Try to place poons in such places where you team could retreat in case of emergency. Just to stop monster from dealing damage. All monsters deal Aoe dmg with melee so placing couple of poons together is kinda useless. Breaks all in 1 hit.

2.Reload perk for Grif is default pick. Cuz his poon gun deals a tiny dmg when hits a monster and sure pisses him off. With that perk monster turns in you own pet.

3.Stasis grenades are awesome-huge aoe on t3. Could be used while chasing. And as i mentioned before. Throw grenade in monsters direction grab a shotgun and fire till “click-click-click”.
Try placing em just like Mags traps. Works fine.


what you do is you throw the bubble everytime its up when your near your teamates

will help you


Do you know the range of her Harpoon Traps? And when they are triggered? I mean how close/far has the monster to be to activate them.

Also does anyone know if Capacity Increase perk also increase the number of Harpoon Traps? And would this be of any use compared to Swap Speed perk?


They are primarily a hindrance there to disrupt the intended action of the monster. The traps sometimes are useless and at other times vital. Place them in chokepoints, escape routes, around corners, and on the edge of ledges for best effect. In my experience traps even 180 degrees away from one another will be broken with one swing. Their ideal function is to hold a monster in place for a second but don’t expect them to last very long.

Jetpack Recharge will serve the same function as reload and benefit you in dodging, chasing, trapping, and of course, staying on the monster’s tail with harpoons. Don’t be afraid to step on the monster’s toes when it’s running from the hunters, jetpack next to it and harpoon. Run towards the monster once it’s harpooned and prepare to jet boost forward while reloading when your hook is broken.

The slow the stasis nades apply is the same effect as Val’s Tranq shot. It lasts about as long as the tranqs but while the monster stays in the radius of the nades it will be slowed. Which means throwing these past a Kraken will still effect it.


20 meters.

No more than 5 deployables will ever be allowed.


Thank you!!! :smiley:


I’m actually starting to put harpoon traps away from the edge of cliffs if the monster is Goliath, as Goliath from down below can just flame all around, and destroy the harpoon traps on the edge of cliffs. I got Goliath stuck in 4 harpoons once, but he just destroyed them all at the same time, even though they were really spaced out :confused:
I find it best to get the harpoon traps to trigger one by one, not all at once, because then, the monster has to KEEP stopping and turning around to break them, instead of smacking a couple of times then being 100% harpoon free.

On the other hand, if the monster is Kraken, keeping the harpoons on the edge of high cliffs is a good way of stopping the beast mid flight


Well done, good advice, wise guy.