Help on App development game



Hello all, im Robert I need some help in app development for gaming i want to build a gaming app for my FYP project can anyone help me ?


It’s possible, but you should probably list some specific questions. I doubt you’re going to get a step by step to app development. :wink:

I’d also suggest finding a dedicated forum/subreddit of other developers, they will probably have resources to help you get started and possibly avoid pitfalls that most newcomers step in to.


lol no no. im can say that im in need of the help of some suitable tips for development of gaming because of my FYP


hey robert may be i can help you can you tell me in detail that what you wanna make …?


i need gaming app


lol what kind of app ? you can build an easy app with just 12 step.


I suggest first off, you look into UNITY. You can source it for free and there are more than enough beginner tutorials to get most people going.


You may be better off asking for help in subreddits, here are a few that might help:


“Game Dev Tycoon” . thats how you do it right.