Help! No-one I talk to about Evolve will acknowledge its amazingness!


I try to tell all my friends about how awesome and unique evolve is, but for some reason that don’t listen!

I have a couple friends who refuse to believe that any game can be better than Team Fortress 2. Yes I am serious. I want to talk to people about the game but everyone says it isn’t that good or unique…

The worst is when they cry about the $60 price tag. Every AAA title is $60 these days!


I know the pain bro but I was able to convert one friend


Wait until launch and let them play it. It’s the best way to show someone how amazing the game is.


None of my friends even own an Xbox One, which will be my preferred console for Evolve.
I know people will disagree, but I think that Xbone controller is much more intuitive to Monster play.


have not tried the controller how is it?


The worst thing is I’m not sure if I will even have the game at launch. I want to buy it but my parents are unwilling to co-operate (I am 17 and need to get a freaking job)
I really want to get employed soon so I can get this game, I am currently trying to convince my parents to just loan out to me so I can repay it when I get the money T-T


Don’t worry they’re are plenty of Xbox players on the forums to meet and soon game with.


It is probably not quite as good for the Hunter in first person, but I think that it is very intuitive for the monster. Controlling a 3rd-person character is much easier and smoother with an analog stick imo.

I also prefer the stability of the Xbone. I know the hardware will always be able to support Evolve, and my internet connection is stable. I’m not sure my computer will be able to handle the game as easily.


Consider it acknowledged!


I just hope that when I jump into public games with my microphone that it isn’t too hostile.
Can the monster talk to the hunters after the games? (loading screens etc?)
I know my hunter play is very subpar… So I just hope I get the monster =P


well. graphics are better.

team fortress is not assymetrical.

there is a giant boss monster that requires skill to use well.

the hunters need more coordinaed skill to beat a skilled monster player.

bunch of other reasons.


Evolve handles amazingly on PC (unless you have that grafix card problem)


Yeah that is my problem, I have a slightly below-average graphics card. Plenty of RAM but I can’t sink any money into a new graphics card. (I can barely handle SC 2 on High =)


The best way to explain to most people is to show them. One of my friends wouldn’t hear me out about Evolve until I showed him the game via streaming it during the beta. Hes now on board the Evolve Train. :grin:


Yes you can talk after games. That is my favorite part, especially during really close games.
I’ve made most of my Evolve XBL friends that way.


Speaking of, Commando_Wraith, I was wondering if I could add you on XBL. I’m interested to play with you, even if it is only once or twice.


I once had an amazing game as Goliath. They had pinned me early and managed to take out half of my life. I was sweating bullets when I escaped into the corner of the map. I did some quick juking and sneaking and just moved as fast as possible down the side while sneaking. I went the rest of the game completely hidden from the hunters.
Once they were catching up to me, so I walked down a tunnel, started sneaking and crawled up onto a ledge near the entrance of said tunnel. I watched them pass right by me =D
That is what I love about evolve, the intensity and stealth gameplay is just so rewarding.
Later that game I tiered up to three, caught their medic unawares and just thrashed the rest of the team


A lot of my friends are interested, but they do not want to dip their toes in because of all the drama. So, we made a deal. I’ll get it and enjoy it regardless, so they want me to give them my opinion after the game has been out for a week or two. Then, they will decide to look into it or not based on my impressions.


This is basically my parents perspective, they don’t realize how great this game is, and think that my obsession will just pass and isn’t worth $60.
But I definitely know that I will play the crap out of this game, and really want to make the investment :slight_smile:


Sure by all means add me. I had a great time playing with forum members and can’t wait for launch.