Help needed for Slim's last level of Spore Cloud Launching



I’m having trouble getting progress in Slim’s last tier of spore cloud launcher. If I recall correctly it says “hit monster with a spore cloud and then revive team mate x 50”, But so far I’ve only gotten four successes, the last 2 games had none at all.

How much time does Slim have to revive the team mate after he has hit the monster with the launcher? Or is it that the monster should stay in a spore cloud while revivification takes place? Could anyone clear this up for me?

Lastly, what monster, hunters, maps and options would you recommend for this the last part of the spore cloud launcher mastery? Should mode be Rescue, or perhaps Defend? If I get this one I’ll have Slim at elite status!

Thanks for reading.


Rescue mode solo, survivors count as teammates.

Play like you normally would until the ai monster comes to kill one of the groups. Have hank specifically in your team if it decides to go for the kill on one of the survivors. The ai is abit broken, so it always comes at you as a stage 1, so preferably make it a Behemoth for its slow hitting speed. Simply rinse repeat this x number of times.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, I’ll try this.


Is that what slims 3rd star is?! I really want to have a talk with whoever decided on these masteries -_- This sounds practically impossible in online play

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50 times. This challenge is the new Titanfall Gooser Challenge.

I hate playing Slim now, because of this challenge.


Actually, it seems to always gun for Stage 2 and this doesn’t really seem to want to work.


AI in Nest seems wildcarded for me; I’ll have games where it comes at me at Stage 1, some at Stage 2, and sometimes it’ll suddenly down a survivor, pack up and leave and trouble me no more even though it had Armor left (And honestly may have been able to wipe us right then and there… Goliath is scary sometimes like that O.o)

It’s even weirder in Nest.

AI just seems so random sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

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Take a look in this thread: Slim's Mastery's are flawed

I explained what I did to get the elite skin.


can you post some pictures of the elite skin please?


Sure, going to start the game up now :slight_smile:


Slim’s spore gun masteries are fucking ridiculous. Not exactly hard, but very easy to have things go wrong and get 0 points.


There ya go!

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Slim's Mastery's are flawed




Thanks for the picts, DHZ, I shall redouble my efforts in getting Slim mastery. :slight_smile:


Points for “revivification” :grin:


This is starting to really piss me off. Its going to take forever. I understand its callled “Mastery” and exists to teach me the basics, but really, I’m getting one per match. Using medium team, no Hank so monster can take down ppl easier, favoring hunters and monster has glow hands. I just hit him 3 times in a match to revive three ppl and only got one. AGAIN. This is gonna take forever.
Should be 20, not 50. Most brutal grind so far, and I have all elites.


And no, I dont suck at Evolve :slight_smile: Im being ultra carefull to ACTUALLY HIT HIM, and get to ppl within a few seconds. Ppl in the room are verifying I’m not seeing “what I want to see”, so this is really really annoying.