Help My Wraith Game


I’m hoping to get some advice on my wraith gameplay, such as what I did right, wrong, etc. I noticed that I need to work on timing abductions and picking my battle locations better. I picked movement speed with two points in warp blast and one in abduction, and the video picks up after a small skirmish at stage one.


The main problem I saw was that you didn’t look behind you when you went off on the run or during feeds.Taht would have helped quite a bit. Also, when running and you are out of traversals, use sneak pounce as a little thing to get you a good distance esp while tranqed.

Other than that I think you did pretty solidly. Probably missed a few things but that’s what I got ^.^

Good job beating this scum teamcomp ^.^


Yeah, I was conflicted because on the one hand I wanted to check and see where they were, but on the other I was panicking a small bit and was worried that if I looked behind me I would be wasting the few seconds I had to break line of sight. And I completely forgot to do the sneak pounce on the run ;-; I was doing it in combat, I have no idea why it didn’t occur to me to use it to get some extra distance. Thank you for taking the time to watch the video and reply, as well as for the compliment!


Do it while feeding, it doesn’t slow you down and you get some bearing as to where they are. ^.^


In hindsight, I’m almost appalled that I wasn’t doing that. I always spam smell and look around when I normally play, but in the one game I needed to be on top of things all the little things slipped my mind lol And even after, it only occurred to me after you mentioned it


Terry_Locke pointed out the main things. Also don’t fire abduction if you know it will miss, it’s better to take that extra second to make sure that you get your target.

Aside from that it was pretty good.

Random note:
I think the first dome shows why the wraith melee heavy is broken.


I don’t claim to be an expert but I do have a lot of experience with Wraith and am a Silver monster. You should have went for more strikes when you had Val down in that first battle…and/or at least corpse camped until she was fully dead.

You stayed in the second battle for longer than you should have, got no strikes, and lost over 3 bars of health if I remember right. When Val was down in the first battle you probably could have got more strikes if not a win, lost less health, and then could have ran off to armor up.


I have pretty much my own style when it comes to the Wraith. It’s a bit unorthodox, but I’ve made it work. :slightly_smiling:

For Stage 1, I put a point each in Warp Blast, Decoy, and Supernova. Why Decoy you might ask? I’ve found some creative uses for it. For one, if there are multiple paths at a fork in the map, when I get to said fork, I pop a Decoy and then sneak down whichever path the Decoy doesn’t take. This helps me get hunters off my tail when they’re chasing me. Of course, this is dependent on the Decoy not derping on you and actually going the way you want it to go, but more often than not it does.

Another use for Decoy I discovered is as a distraction when you’re in Supernova. When you’re in Supernova, I discovered the Decoy turns the same color as you when you’re in Supernova state. It’s a brief distraction, as the Decoy almost immediately dissipates when I attack, but it buys you a couple of seconds…and trust me, a couple of seconds does count.

I’ve also seen Decoy shrug off harpoons that have already latched onto me. This doesn’t happen often, but I usually keep a point in Decoy for this reason too. I only spend one point in Decoy per game, though. One is all you need. Or all I need, anyway.

At Stage 2, I put two points in Abduction and one more in Warp Blast. I don’t find Abduction useful in Stage 1 because you’re not really strong enough to do any real damage to an abductee then, so I wait to Stage 2 to invest in it.

Stage 3 is where I really branch into my own style of play: I max out Abduction and Supernova. Abduction and Supernova are a powerful Stage 3 combination, for this reason: if you pop the Supernova and you find hunters running to escape it, you can Abduct them back into the Supernova. I find that really cool because it’s like a fighting game maneuver where you’re trying to maintain control of your opponent. And I like to shout “get yo’ ass back in here” as I do it. :wink:

I hope this helps. I know TRS is overhauling Decoy with the next major patch, so this advice might become obsolete by then, but until that time, I hope my Decoy advice proves useful!


I used to use decoy a lot, but I have found that as I climb through the ranks and fight better teams, decoy becomes more and more of a handicap. Good hunters aren’t fooled by it, and they immediately start spraying in the area you popped it until they get a lucky hit and reveal you.

My current build is to put two points into warp blast and one in abduction at stage one. This gives me a sort of fourth traversal, while still allowing me to fight if I come across a mistake I want to capitalize on. For stage two, I put one last point into warp blast, a second in abduction, and the last in supernova. I’ve found that hunters can jetpack away from a point blank warp blast even with three points, so I take the third point to try and maximize how often I can land the move.

I think I might change it up and put the two remaining points in supernova from now on, as I don’t really abduct from a long range and the damage doesn’t go up a substantial amount. I think another thing that is causing me to struggle is that I have been panicking somewhat because I am afraid of the loss, and I make decisions that in hindsight don’t make sense, I’ve been watching matches that I lose over again, and realized that I tend to miss a chance to kill medic or support because I abduct the assault in a panicked attempt to mitigate damage.

Thank you for taking the time to comment!



Decent focus, but could be improved with better combos, you lead with abduction in close combat too much.

You use your warps too close together often, and don’t break LoS as well as you could.

What perk do you use? I recommend Movement Speed.

Good use of WB for traversal, and awareness of Sunny Drone.

Good job moving the medics body with abduct until they are dead.


Warp more slowly, the first warp is for distance using the second warp to dash out of LoS before using WB for distance rather than just gaining distance in a straight line while being darted/chipped. It is great for quickly scaling a wall instead of climbing or to duck down a drop since falling is so slow. With movement speed you can just walk till you are close enough to warp behind cover or scale a wall quickly. When you pace your warps a bit more and use them deliberately you will have them available more often and still cover ground quickly (again MS perk helps a lot).

Decoy: Don’t discount it’s power when used offensively. When used in close combat it forces hunters to burn jetpack or take heavy damage, and you can hide behind it as a shield. You can use it to cross an exposed area without being seen from a distance during the chase or at Stage 3, you can also reposition for attack to abduct the hunter that is burning jetpack to dodge the decoy. Examples: You have been focusing medic who just jetpacked away and healburst. Abduct them back then activate decoy in their face possibly with SN if available. They may not have any jetpack to escape and will be an easy down for the decoy, or it will use up their jetpack and without the healburst you can focus them down very quickly with a WB plus melees. Also great to use on a downed hunter. Just pop it over the body, and it will either attack the incapped player or chase the others from the body while you set up to attack another hunter or ambush anyone who tries to revive the downed player. It can work well when focusing assault and they use their personal shield, pop decoy in their face and it will burn through the shield while blocking damage from the assault (may not work as intended consistently). Try warping straight up and then popping decoy to better use it to mitigate damage.

I like your stage 1 build, that is what I am using now. Don’t forget Abduct is great for a quick no damage kill on a mammoth bird (except the elite!), and to pull food under cover to prevent birds. Stage 2 try 3 in WB, 1 or 2 in Abduct, and 1 or 2 in Decoy. Super Nova makes you an easy target for hunters and they can just jetpack away pretty easily wasting the ability. SN is better used in Stage 3 with 2 to 3 points against hunters with strikes to get quick downs, combos well with WB and Decoy.

Don’t lead with abduct in close fighting except rare occasions, it makes you an easy target for assault on your return and is less effective. Instead warp to your target and use your heavy to stun them then WB, trying to push the hunter away from the team ideally. Then use abduct if they jetpack away so that their jetpack is wasted. Extra points in abduction does reduce the cool down, Keep that in mind. Abduct is a good start to a combo when pulling a hunter away from the group though. Abduct then heavy then WB past the hunter so you are between them and their team. This leads to 2 possibilities: first the hunter tries to jetpack toward their team and gets hit with the WB, second they jetpack away from the WB and may still get hit and now they are separated from the team. Either way you are in position to capitalize.


Sorry for the late response, but thank you for taking the time to watch the video and comment! At the time I was afraid to camp the body as the wraith, but you’re right. I should have tried to capitalize there instead of trying to armor up and come back when everyone had full health and their medic.


I actually don’t see any point in putting more than 1 point into Abduction. At Stage 3 if I get there I have 3 WB, 3 SN, 2 Decoy, and 1 Abduct.

I start out like you sort of but I have been toying with a 1 WB, 1 Abduct., and 1 SN, Stage 1 build that I’m starting to like. If I know I’m going to get domed I snag up the Trapper early with abduct and can sometimes get him down quick enough before Hank or a healer can save them.

No one likes fighting at Stage 1 of course but that one point in Abduction can be really useful and with this build you can pump out enough combo damage to get a quick strike. Whereas if you put one point into Decoy your Stage 1 damage potential is really limited.


I see what you mean about not using abduction so much in close quarters, or at least not using it carelessly. I will try to be mindful of that, and use it more for when a hunter is trying to jetpack away. I’ve noticed that I’ve been struggling to combo hunters down, and it didn’t occur to me why until you pointed that out.

I have actually been running movement speed for a while now. I’ve found that anything else doesn’t let me escape a chase comp or move around in combat effectively enough. As for decoy, it never occurred to me to use it as sort of shield and to occupy the hunters instead of a distraction/cloak I will definitely be experimenting with that idea. Thank you for taking the time to watch my gameplay and write a thorough response