Help My Behemoth

So, like the title says, I’m looking for criticism of my behemoth gameplay. What I did wrong, right, things to try, etc. I chose feeding speed as my perk, and originally put two points in lava bomb and one in fissure. The video begins at the start of the very first engagement immediately after evolving.

And there’s your problem. Always put at least one in Rock Wall. Always.

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I’m not a great Bob player, but that game they had Bucket Maggie Laz so they were always going to know where you were. I would have advised focusing Maggie in the dome to bring it down then keeping ahead and using the hell out of that feed speed perk. Lead them into a cave (or on Orbital Drill inside the building, it’s amazing for monsters) rather than fighting out in the open where they have all the room in the world to work with.

Really never been a fan of Lava Bomb but that’s probably just me being bad with it, not being able to move the target really sticks in my craw.

I hold off RW until S2. More damage is better for me.

Yes, but I tend to avoid encounters entirely until stage 2 if possible.

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Don’t all Monsters?

Rock Wall is good for avoiding hunters if you know the map. If anyone fights me on fusion plant or weather control, they’re fuuuucked.

If you need to learn a map go to

Ye. Self advertisement :laughing:

On a serious note… yeah… you stand a considerably more of a chance if you know the map.

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Okay, I’m going to share my opinion now on everything wrong with this match.

##First Fight

  • Didn’t take rock wall (at least a single point) at S2. That is a necessity if you make it to S2.

  • 0:10 You decided to rush in and fight the Hunters instead of fleeing. This cost you a ridiculous three bars of health because you sat in toxic grenades, sentries, flame throwers and more.

  • 0:28 You sat and rolled into a wall for about three seconds allowing a bar of health to be melted off with ease.


  • Your retreat after the first battle was… fairly terrible. You went around a bend then proceeded to go straight left, then you went back right and went down the most open path for the Hunters, they easily caught up and got you domed.

##First Dome

  • 1:27 You wasted a lava bomb that could’ve been better used somewhere else.

  • 1:45 After focusing Bucket for about 15 seconds you just let him go despite knowing exactly where he was.

  • 1:53 You used lava bomb as a projectile. This is not pre-patch 2.0, Lava bomb is area denial now, use it as such and not a projectile (constructive despite this comment coming across as condescending)

  • 1:54 After using that lava bomb you just let it go to waste despite knocking Hyde directly into you when you did it. Don’t forget, Assaults aren’t gods, sometimes they are the best person to focus.

  • 2:00 When you focus Laz, Hyde is ridiculously low on health from the lava bomb, it is evident that he doesn’t know the true power of the lava bomb and just stood in it, his shield was baited out because of his stupidity and you could have easily gotten a down.

  • 2:01 Despite a warning telling you were harpooned you ignored it allowing yourself to have impaired movement for an additional six seconds!

  • 2:12 Assault got in the way of a tongue grab, took health damage, AND has no shield, despite all of this you punch him ONCE then allow him to get away scott free.

  • 2:15 Instead of finishing Assault, you wasted another lava bomb on a wall, using it as a projectile.

  • 2:25 - 2:53 the entire time focusing Lazarus you allowed yourself to be kited to a ridiculous degree, allowing all health loss in this dome to occur in only about 28 seconds.

  • 2:30 You climbed what Laz was trying to climb, giving him time to recharge jetpack and get away from you.

  • 2:40 Roll + Hit combo knocks Lazarus much further away from you, luckily for you, he decided it was a great idea to go BACK to his team instead of retreating getting you the down.

  • 2:45 After knocking Lazarus waaay back you got harpooned, trying to burst through them with traversal cost you time and health that could’ve been spent somewhere else.

  • 2:52 You downed Laz and instead of finishing him off you just left him! You could’ve placed a Lava Bomb on him and out-right killed him denying the chance of another fight.

##Dome Summary

  • 1:22 - 2:53 A health loss of four bars from a single dome, you could’ve gotten a lot more downs had you had you focused better. You were erratic and all over the place making it very easy to kite, and do health damage.


  • 3:10 - 3:17 Seven seconds wasted to eat a mammoth bird that could’ve gotten you much further from the Hunters and an easy evolve.

  • 3:23 Set off birds alerting the Hunters to your location if they hadn’t known already.

##After the Evolve

  • 3:50 - 4:08 Spent time going all the way around the rock, trying to kill a reaver, and moving on when there is a much more direct route to where you’re going that would/could have saved you more time.

##Stage 3 Fight

  • 5:52 Despite Laz’s healing burst showing up behind you, you proceed to focus go outside, persistent for a down on Daisy. This would easily be a gg moment since Lazarus is clearly well out of position and this would be the perfect time to capitalize on it.

  • 6:45 Second down on Laz. You get lava bomb back three seconds later, he just used his HB and using lava bomb would finish him but you waste valuable health rock walling and then finally lava bombing 10 seconds later.

  • 7:00 instead of trying to mitigate you retreat straight into the power relay. An enclosed space, perfect for Hyde and Bucket to punish. Not a smart decision.

  • 7:07 Bucket stupidly goes way out of position and is inside with you, failure to capitalize on this clear mistake on his part cost you another bar of health.

  • 7:11 You then left the relay, through the turrets AND the toxic grenade to down Hyde, costing you your second to last health bar.

  • 7:28 When your wall goes down you insist on fighting again for the sake of downs instead of retreating for extra armor to then fight and win.

  • 7:57 Your insane amount of greediness cost you damn near an entire health bar JUST to get one down on Bucket. Luckily for you, he was out of range and couldn’t finish you with pistol damage.

##Stage 3 fight #2

  • 8:30 Directly after rock wall you waste fissure on nothing, costing you a two seconds to hit the relay.

  • 8:38 Wasting lava bomb on the rock wall, costing you the remaining duration of the wall and extra relay damage.

  • 9:29 You give up attacking the relay. Why?

  • 9:49 Despite having a Rock Wall you decide to exit the relay and fight on their terms.


  • 10:58 Returning to the fight you completely ignore relay which, at this point, is your only chance of winning.

  • 10:58 - 11:28 You down Laz, yay. What now? You’re down on armor, running low on Wildlife and he’ll be back soon enough.

##Second return

  • 12:43 You decide to fight again, I think you’ve begun to overestimate your own power. At this point your only chance of ever winning would be to relay cheese.

  • 13:55 Despite having a rock wall up you ignore the relay and wait for the wall to go down and fight them.

  • 14:33 Sitting in the toxic grenade.

######(Don’t take this offensively)
This game was over at the seven minute mark, your failure to focus properly in the right situations cost you too much health at this point and your overestimation of your own power is what caused you to die. In the early fights you failed to focus the right targets and in the late fights you failed to focus relay. Despite being a Stage 3 Behemoth with three in rock wall you failed to destroy relay (which is basically a handed win to a Behemoth on Orbital Drill). You constantly left the fight, only to come back and either be kited, fight poorly, or just ignore the relay.

Seven minutes in with one bar of health had already decided the outcome. The Hunters weren’t that good either. They were extremely sloppy and never in a good position, had you taken notice of this you could have easily capitalized on this and won at Stage one. Lazarus was good at kiting you but not much else, Bucket and Laz constantly fell out of position and Hyde was playing like a Lennox, constantly in your face not doing much else to you. Most of the damage came from sentries and toxic grenades which you sat it.

Even after the fight at seven minutes you ran with a sliver of health. There were a few moments that looked good for you but that is only because the Hunters were clearly getting bored of your performance and wanted the game to end. You ran with a fraction of a single bar and they just wanted the game to end, you successfully dragged it out an additional eight minutes and you can see the boredom in the way that they were playing. Sloppy, out of position, greedy.

Again, don’t take offence to the summary. It’s meant to be constructive; whether or not it comes off that way I am not sure. Everyone reads my posts as condescending but that’s not really my issue :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you for taking the time to be thorough! You pointed out a lot of mistakes I wasn’t even aware of, so I’ll keep a more critical eye on my performances. I’m fairly awful against Lazarus, and I’m not completely sure what to do against him, so I end up panicking a lot of the time. I’ll work on all the mistakes mentioned, but is there anything I did right? I want to know if there’s anything I should continue doing, or if I should just scrap my old ways entirely

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Oh dear god :laughing:

Time to type up another reply.


One thing I try to do is to keep either climb speed or movement speed as far as perks go. But then again I doubt I’m the best at behemoth although info win more often than not.

I’ve found that for me, the hardest thing to do is stage up or get armor, so I’ve been going feeding speed. Movement speed I use on my Goliath, but I don’t feel I need a perk that gets me close to the hunters because I can typically land tongue grab pretty consistently

No, I armor up and if i can spare it max out evolve meter. Then go hunting. At least 1 strike at S1. That is my goal.

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##Things done right.

  • 0:08 After being shot you waited for the reload and even hid partially behind a rock to eat dmg resist.

  • 0:15 Although fighting was a bad idea, you did combo Bucket very nicely when you focused him. Using roll + hit with a tongue grab and another roll + hit put serious damage on him.

  • 0:40 Food on-the-go is always a great idea to minimize health damage and reduce the risk of being caught “with your pants down” in a dome.

  • 1:31 Great tongue grab on Bucket, if only you could’ve hit him into the lava bomb you placed.

  • 3:02 Smart idea to turn and fire a lava bomb, discourages them from using their intended route and allows for an easier getaway.

  • 3:17 - 3:35 Although the pathing is a bit questionable, your retreat using downhill slopes to gain speed and rocks as LoS blockers is a smart thing to do.

  • 3:43 Despite the fact that you don’t have all four abilities by S2 (kind of an issue) choosing to spread into all four and having one be three points is a very good decision.

  • 5:35 Very good idea to not fight on the Hunter’s terms, you came around the back and forced them to stop you with the threat of destroying the relay. Gets them out of position and has a higher chance for them to make mistakes.

  • 6:34 Once you started focusing Laz you did do a good job of combo-ing. After hitting him with the lava bomb you did a roll + hit and then fissure securing the down.

  • 7:05 Good idea to block the entrance with a lava bomb but you have to pay more attention when they fall out of position like Bucket did directly after the LB.

  • 7:16 Great job capitalizing on the fact that Hyde fell into the plant. Had you let him live he would’ve made a considerable threat and you probably could’ve died much sooner.

  • 8:00 Escaping through the building to avoid bullets was a smart choice.

  • 8:10 - 8:57 With two Hunters on dropship and small amount of armor you capitalized on your advantage by killing Maggie and bringing down the relay’s health.

  • 10:01 Good job lava bombing Hyde, heavily discourages going for the rez.

  • 10:10 & 10:35 Great use of tongue grab to grab the corpse and rock wall to eat it.

##Final Tips:

After watching through your whole gameplay multiple times now it is evident that yes, you struggle with Laz. You seem to spam abilities a lot in hopes of hitting someone or something when you panic which is generally a bad thing but you are very good at comboing. So here are a few tips:

  • Try Meteor Goliath, I know you like Behemoth, this is clear, but you spread out damage a lot in this recording. I’m not saying switch Monsters, just test the water, you may fight that Meteor Goliath suits you better because his ability to spread damage helps a lot with certain comps, especially Laz + Bucket.

  • More combos, while you are already pretty good at comboing, you need to be using your abilities more but also less, allow me to explain. Whenever an ability is off cooldown you seem to use it immediately and without question, it would serve better purpose if you waited for more abilities to cooldown and comboing them before you use them and put them on cooldown again.

  • Focus one person more. You are very good at focusing but Behemoth is area denial and has high damage for focusing one person. As evidence shows, whenever you focused someone out of position they died quickly.

  • Sneak pounce more in combat. It’s more effective than you would think.

Also I can agree with @demonshadow perks all come down to personal preference but I usually run Movement Speed as Behemoth, more mobility helps out a lot, for me at least.

If you want to cross-reference how you play Behemoth and how I play here is a video:

##I am by far not the best Behemoth but this was one of the first games I’ve played with him in a very long time.

Looking at the video now I am critiquing myself on many things already :laughing:

I usually do that too but now I’m in high Silver and it’s increasingly harder as teams actually know good positioning and everything.

I usually flee till two now and then fight.

I try to find good spots for me to fight in.

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Want to know more god spots for you to fight in?

Come on down to my Monster thread!

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Okay I’ll stop self advertising now :laughing:

The best thing to remember is that behemoth has best survivability at stage one domes (without running and cloaking like a wimpy wraith). If you can get yourself into a corner that closed off 3 sides of you, and fissure will keep the hunters scared of charging into your enclosure. I’ve survived every single stage 1 dome with at least still having armour or (in worst case scenario) losing a bar of health.

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Alright, so I’m getting that I do well on tongue grab combos, but I need to work on saving the other abilities and using them more tactically. I need to use lava bomb to discourage revives and deny perches, and rely on fissure to knock them out of position. And I should save the spread damage for MG. I’ll be testing other perks as well. Anything I missed?

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