Help me with Wraith please


I am having severe issues winning as wraith in stage 3. When the hunters are defending a position they want and especially if it is already setup for the fight, I have a horrible win rate in these situations. I win 1 in every 4 or 5 games when I am fighting at the relay.

It is so bad, that I have resorted to stage 2 wins. When I try to finish the match in stage 2, generally I end up winning 4 of every 5 games or so. While I do not mind doing this, the issue still could happen if hunters started camping relay when you got to stage 2 as I would still have the issue with attacking a defended spot. I would just like to get better at this.

My big issues are when defending a spot, they usually are more spread out as well as able to dome me when I try to leave. I try baiting the dome, but that does not always work. The good trappers wait for me to have lost x amount of armor before they stop my escape. And heaven forbid they have a Markov and Maggie laying stuff everywhere. Bucket with this combo can really make moving around very difficult, in a defended area.

Any tips guys?


Abduct, abduct them from far away and force them to reposition


First of all it is is really unlikely that hunters will really forfeit the hunt immediately at stage 2. I have seen that happening once and I was the ass initiating that.

The best tip you can get is to bruteforce the medic, strike and kill. You can go in and out a bit to try again but make sure your health never gets scratched. If you even only lost a tiny bit of health in a fight keep pressing. You will be able to take down the medic and kill it off completely with your life and afterwards you have 2 minutes to end the game and only 30 seconds of that are needed to take down the generator.

The attack patterns for people are really different and telling you mine wouldn’t even help you, because you gotta be able to pull it off. The most common mistake a wraith can do however is to lose 1 healthbar and go away to come back later. If you get a quick strike really cheap, maybe but at stage 3 with wraith you are the weakest and most certainly only have 1 real go at the hunters. Don’t sweat it too much.


By design wraith isn’t particularly awesome at relay battles, depending on the map. And, honestly, I only go to stage three if I really, really, absolutely have to, because it’s a pain in the ass to have to let the hunters go regroup, turtle up, and wait.

If it absolutely has to go to a relay fight, I suggest putting your attentions into separating the hunters and moving them away from the relay. Abduct one, melee him away, warp blast him further back, take him down, repeat.

At the end of the day, regardless of stage, a wraith should be worrying about forcing the hunters to fight on her terms. So breaking the turtle-up is a good place to start.


What abilities are you taking?


Are you trying to get downs at stage 2? That should honestly be your goal. Down some hunters in stage two, run when your armor is out, refill it, and fight them again. Hitting stage three as Wraith really isn’t necessary if you can get downs on them early on. I know the name of the game is to Evolve and hit stage 3 as the monster, but as Wraith your goal should be stage 2 wins.


Abduct will allow you to grab hunters and pretty much make maggie’s traps useless. If there’s a markov, put 1 in decoy at least and send it out to destroy the mines.

Stage 2 goal is to get strikes as much as possible. If there’s a laz, focus on him and get him 2 striked. That’s quite crucial. Other medics might do with 1 strike. Assault doesn’t matter TOO much. Support is another high value target because of the cloak/shields/jetpack booster.

At stage 3 just go in and take them all out (if you need/want to go stage 3).


Are you on Xbox One?


Trust me, it’s not Wraith-specific.

I main Goliath of all the Monsters and I believe map layout makes up for about 75% of whether you will win the current fight or not.
I much prefer fighting the Hunters at stage 2 when they still believe they have to quickly find me “before it’s too late” even though I hate fighting them at stage 3.
Because at stage 3 you’re more often than not going to fight them at the Relay.
And honestly? Most Power Relay areas are absolutely horrible for the biggest version of Goliath to fight in. Too many small and high ledges the Hunters can easily traverse while it will cost me a Leap or 2 to get over there quickly.


@DriveByGuy Funny. I guess most of the PS4 players haven’t realized that, because they still go wraith, and seem to still win (me included when I choose wraith).

@Rickvs I don’t have much problems at all in relay battles with Goliath. The only one that can be a bit of a pain is Distillery, with the truck/ship in the middle for cover, but otherwise it’s fine. Of course, power relays will give a slight advantage towards the hunters in defending, but it’s really not that much, and any monster can overcome them…


Well, that is pretty much my thinking, and what I have no issues with as I can usually win a stage 2 match.

Stage 1: 2 SN and 1 WB
Stage 2: 3 SN and 3 WB
Stage 3: Whatever, tried 1 Decoy 2 Abduct seems to be my best bet, sometimes 3 abduct for the damage.

I find her great to play and I win plenty with all monsters. And I enjoy still playing all monsters, just some hunters that are not so fun.


That is how it seems for me also.


Supernova should really only be taken at stage 3. Warp Blast and Abduct are usually taken by offensive Wraiths while Warp Blast and Decoy are taken by defensive stealthy Wraith.

Yea, Stage 2 fights are pretty key for Wraith, more so than the other three monsters. She doesn’t deal too well with Relay camping.


get strikes early… monster are at its strongest with stage 2 with wildlife (except for behemoth hes just a helpless pup)

almost all reactor fights are bad its gets worse if you play behe or goliath but if youre a lvl 3 wraith and they camp the reactor just go in get a quick strike and go out get armor until you can wipe them.


I don’t know if I’m a final authority or anything, but I run 2 Decoy 1 Warp Blast into 3 Decoy 3 Warp Blast, grabbing 3 Super Nova at stage 3, if I get there. I just do ridiculous hit-and-run, guerrilla warfare tactics - throwing a Decoy behind me and Warp Blasting whoever it targeted (fun fact, if you aim at someone specific and decoy, the decoy will chase them. If you don’t aim, it’ll just swing at whoever’s closest). Stay away from domes, or if you get caught, just run out of sight and deploy the same tactic.

Doing this, I went 20+ wins and 0 losses over the Wraith/Hyde challenge weekend, and doing it since I still haven’t lost. I didn’t play much Wraith before that.