Help me with some slang please


What does 10 char or other words mean. AOE means area of effect right. And WTF is why the face right.


You need to have typed atleast 10 chars to post a reply so you can’t just type lol or yup.

AoE does mean area of effect

and WTF is What the Fuck


AOE - Area of Effect
WTF - What the F—


anything else?


There are a lot of different abbreviations in use.

You’ll run into

CC which is crowd control refers to slows or harpoons anything which controls the monster

DPS = damage per second can also refer to your highest damage hunter so assault would be your main DPS with support being your secondary DPSer

I’m probably missing a bunch but they mostly show up in MMO’s


DPS can also mean damage per shot
FPS is first person shooter
LoS is line of sight


DOT = Damage Over Time


MM- Match Making
PUG- Pick up Group (randoms)


HOT = Heals over time (slim)
Poon City ( lots of harpoons everywhere )