Help me with my rules for a TT RPG

I’m currently making a custom tabletop RPG based around Monster Hunter. I need some help in polishing up the battle rules. Feel free to ask any questions about any of the rules for explanations if needed and give it some overall criticism and suggestions on any additions.

Monster Hunter TT Game homebrew:

Battle Mechanics:

Damaging the monster: To Damage the monster, you must roll dice like any tabletop game. The roll you get will then be multiplied by 10.

Classes: Classes are removed entirely. They are instead replaced by your weapon of choice. Choose wisely as you cannot change your weapon unless your GM allows it. This also means that there is no real leveling system. You are given all your abilities at the start.

Dice to roll: The dice you need to roll for damage is stated in your weapons description. Each Ability requires its own roll. As you progress, you can make stronger weapons as harder monsters will make your old weapons almost useless due to damage. Certain weapons can be upgraded after hunting certain monsters, and they will be stated in the description.

Turns: You will still have to roll for initiative, and so will the monster. Each hunter has one attack per turn but can attack two more times using the combo system explained later, and some weapons have reactions that can technically act as a fourth turn as well. This would give players the advantage so to counter this; the monster can use three attacks for their turn.

Combos: Because Monster Hunter is a game about stringing together attacks, it only makes sense to give this TT game something similar. Each weapon has a list of combos that stem from an attack. These all act like attacks, and thus you must roll hit chance and damage on each attack.

Hitting and dodging: There is no AC now, and it has been replaced with hit chance. You must roll for your chance to hit the monster, and it must be a 12 or above on a D20. In turn, the monster also must roll for hit chance, but you can use the stamina mechanic stated later to dodge, block, or counter depending on your weapon. Not all weapons can block or counter, but all can try to dodge. To successfully dodge you must roll above a 15 with a D20 unless you have certain skills.

Stamina: You have a certain amount of stamina per hunt. Dodging, blocking, and countering takes stamina to accomplish. Every Hunter starts with 100 stamina which can be increased or decreased by skills. Stamina is drained by increments of 25, meaning you can only dodge four times in a row. Stamina will regen by 50 points 2 turns after it has been fully exhausted. Stamina regained and time it takes to be regened can also be increased and decreased by skills.

Statuses: You can give the monster a status, and you can receive a status. Certain monster attacks will give you the status if they hit. To give a monster a status, you must roll a D4 to see how much damage is converted into status damage. Don’t worry; this won’t make you do less damage. After getting the monster to 100% in status damage, they will be afflicted with the status. The percentage will increase by 50% for the next two times and then will permanently increase by 100% after each infliction. Statuses you can inflict/receive are Poison, Paralysis, Blast, Sleep, Stun, mounting, and magnetized. Statuses you can only receive are Snowman, Muddy, Frenzy Virus, Webbed, Bleeding, Tarred, Bubble Blight, Mucus/Ossified, Fire Blight, Water Blight, Thunder Blight, Ice Blight, and Dragon Blight.

Mounting and Magnetism: Hunters can inflict Mounting and Magnetism damage to the monster using the same system of statuses. Mounting and Magnetism are similar but are also different. Only two weapons can inflict these statuses, one for each. The Insect Glaive can use aerial attacks to mount the monster eventually, but this can decrease their damage output. The Magnet Spike can inflict Magnetism but only with counters and certain attacks that usually do less damage. If mounting has been inflicted that each hunter other than the one mounting can get one free attack (without a combo) in the monster and hunter will then enter a contest and whoever rolls the highest of three rolls wins. If the monster wins, then the hunter is knocked off, and the monster gets one free attack on the hunter of the GM’s choice. If the hunter wins, then the monster is knocked over taking the hunters turn but making it unable to attack for three turns. The turns that the monster is knocked over decrease every two mounts but will never go below 1. If Magnetism has been inflicted, then a contest will be initiated and whoever has the after three rolls win the contest. If the monster wins, then it gets a free attack on the hunter of the GM’s choice. If the hunter wins then it will not take the hunters turn, the monster gets knocked down for 3 turns, and everyone gets 1 extra attack (with combos) on the turn that the monster is knocked down. While it decreases by the same amount as mounting after two knockdowns, the hunter will get disadvantage on 1 roll of the contest increasing till three with every contest initiated afterward.

My suggestion is to find a ruleset you like and build from there.

D&D 5e for a streamlined ruleset or Pathfinder 2e for a crunchy ruleset.

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Yeah but I’m not really sure if I’d find anything that would be useful to how I want it to play. Plus I’ve already spent a long time making what I have now.

Unfortunately I don’t think anyone else would be much help then. If you already have a vision for it, I mean.

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I guess what I’m trying to say is does it look like something you’d enjoy playing and what would you change.

Assuming these are the current rules, you’re looking for someone to tell you if something could be better or might not work?

I’m not a D&D type of guy so I can’t help you there but whoever is should

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Well a lot of what you have here sound like ideas, which is fine. But it’s the rules that really tell you whether or not you want to play it.

For example, I like the simplified 5e rules. They’re quick and easy to pick up.

I think you need more detailed info for feedback. Maybe?


Ah alright, I’ll go back to work on it some more.


Working within the ruleset you’ve got…

I’d highly recommend changing over to some flexibility with weapons (I.E. Weapon “classes” I.E. Warhammer, GS, etc in classic RPGs) and go with Damage Types for each weapon class, with some overlap between them, that way there’s some weapon variety, and any beasties you concoct can have resistances/immunities against certain things.

If you enforce that as-is, your players’ll only support it for so long… giving them a bone to tweak their equipment is the way to go in this case, if you want to keep it in some form, I’d recommend going the flexibility rout with weapon classes. Warhammers, Greatswords, Battleaxes go into the 2 hander category, etc. That way you can have a bit more depth in your game. If you’re lifting the stats from MH directly, I’d suggest toying with the damage types too. “Bullet” doesn’t fit with anything but guns.

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