Help me win this contest!

Hey guys and gals! Would you help me win this contest? It’d be awesome if you would! The winner gets a badass turtle beach headset and if I win, I’ll do a giveaway of those headsets to the people that voted for me! If you want to double your chance to win (get your name in the bowl twice), then ally (or friend) me and wait for me to accept it before you vote for me since allied votes counts as two! Plus this Pwnit site is a new gaming site trying to grow and it’s centered around GAMING! At least visit the site and see what you like about it :smile:

Here’s the link:

I’m RustyReviewsGaming by the way with the Markov Rambo Assault Clip. To anyone who helps me, I wanna say you’re awesome :smiley:

Did you make another thread for the same thing?

Edit: Nevermind. Odd, this showed up as a new topic but says you posted four hours ago.

No I just edited that same one to say that the pwnit site is a new gaming site trying to grow and I’d like to see it grow :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhhhh, got it!

It’s all good man! But check out the site! I think it’s startin off good :slight_smile: