Help me please TRS


ok so i know that hunt 2.0 has came out and there are a few things i would like to address

  1. TRS you sexy beast congratulations
  2. this is where it gets more realistic… when i played the first few matches to determine my rank, i was paired up with completely incompetent noobs. this caused by w/l ratio to be at 33%… :confused: from then on i was placed at a very low rank and have been caught in an infinite loop of winning against a noob monster and then losing with nobb teammates. i was just wondering if you guys could change the ranking system a little bit so it bases you off of your dps, healing points, succesful domes, etc. etc… i cant be the only one with this issue
Game is broken with random pubs, its not fun without premade!

You’re certainly not alone, I’ll say that. Lots of people report the same thing.


I think there is no need to create a thread for this particular ranking problem.

They are currently working on it, and please refer to another thread for more details.


of course the thread may be is necessary. if there isnt anyone speaking out about obvious issues, then how will the devs know?


Trust me, we know. :wink:

What is this hehe
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