Help Me Out Homeslice


So I play mostly behemoth and wraith (which are opposites). I’m silver skilled Xbox one. I squash every pub team because they suck. However, whenever I play silver they find me quickly with WL Maggie and I can’t get away. Last time I got domed 3 times as wraith stage one. I usually evolve and get domed or damaged. I can’t seem to get my armor up until. I’m low 3-4 bars of health. When I attack them I usually wipe 3 of 4 hunters . And have to relay fight with 2 minutes left. I have trouble killing the last Hunter in time and Ive usually taken so much damage that I can’t fight them with strikes. Can you homeslices help me out?


I was going to help, but then you said homeslice.
I lost all respect at that single moment.


I unfortunately don’t play enough monster to be of any assistance. But I’m sure someone here will be along shortly to help you.


Against either Maggie, give up sneaking. Just run, eat on the run. Drag them thru nasty elites. Let them dome you with elites in the dome so you become less of a priority. Mitigate dmg in the dome, harass them but don’t go for the kill. Maybe you get a couple strikes on them, but it’s no big deal if you don’t. Stage up far far away, go to the opposite side of the map and evolve.

Other trappers force you to play differently.

Griffin - sneak the entire match except in domes and at relay.

Abe - pick your feeding area and stay near so you don’t eat a dart.

Crow -good luck against a good one. Otherwise just run.

Jack - he can go to hell


Get Strikes on Daisy.

I shit you not, this really helps. Some Medics immediately try to heal her up, but if you can kill Daisy and then escape a dome you have some breathing room. Especially if you are Wraith in the later game you can use the hit and run tactic on Daisy since she’s already lower health and has 2 strikes. She usually leads in front of Maggie so use Abduct to pull her farther away and them finish her off. Even if you get domed, Daisy is out of commission so you only have the Hunters to worry about.


I was just going to say that. The hunters never really worry about daisy, until they need her that is. You take her out and the hunters have lost one of their biggest advantages.

Not to mention without daisy, Maggie had technically lost one of her “abilities”.


I like the dragging through elites thing. To be fair I really only have to play WL Maggie.


I usually get strikes on her by accident but I dont kill her because it usually costs health.


Ok good. Now do that on purpose and really commit to it! You might be surprised to see how much less health you lose when you go in with a plan!


I’m a sliver destroyer with jack lol monsters hate me.
I love getting nasty messages on how I cheat and all that stuff.