Help me Make a Story! (New Polls! Go vote!)


So I’ve been given the task of making @Matthew a story. To make this one extra special, I’m enlisting the help of you! I have some of the ground work, but still need a foundation! What I have planned as of now; Matthew will be the key character in the story. The story shall be set in the Evolve universe. The time is after Kala’s arrival.

His name?

  • Matthew
  • Deymand
  • Sileek
  • Douglas

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I’ll have more polls later once these are decided. Polls close in 3 and a half hours so vote!

Poll for his class is in the replies because I couldn’t get it working In here.


His class?

  • Assault
  • Medic
  • Trapper
  • Support

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Polls don’t like me apparently.


You’re not alone, I tried following the poll making guide to the t once and I still botched it beyond all reason. :smile_cat:


If you guys want to suggest what’s next for the polls, please do.

  • Hunters?
  • Monster?

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  • Pizza?
  • Cheeseburgers?

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@Crowdalra, How about whether this Hunter uses an animal companion, and if so, what? Other than a Trapjaw and Batray, of course)


I know, I did that. It simply was not complying.



(This is the only time I have used that face for an actual confused face)


I did what you said the first time, it just didn’t want to work.


Wow guess they do dislike you today


Ever since I busted them for bugs, they’ve been acting up


Polls are closed, Matthew’s name will be Matthew and he’ll be a support.


His pet?

  • Mammoth Bird
  • Spotter
  • Reaver
  • Phantom

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The Monster?

  • Goliath
  • Gorgon
  • Kraken
  • Behemoth
  • Wraith

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New polls are up, go ahead and vote. They’ll be up for 10 hours due to time zones.


Ugg I’ve always wanted a spotter pet in game. Of how fast they move but now he is a support what good is a trapper? :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone who voted pizza…I dislike you for life! Cheeseburgers are life!!!


Polls are still open for one more hour!


I was about to say the exact thing. XD

Pizza? Over a cheeseburger?


It’s a dead tie between Gorgon and Behemoth. No one can decide if they want a Mammoth Bird or a Spotter for his pet!