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As some people know, I joined the forums because my boyfriend @Rapterror and my best friend @XMetrusX are always talking about it, and I of course wanted to join the fun. Due to my lack of knowledge about Evolve, and how I actually have never played it, I have no idea how it works. I’ve picked up a few things over time, but I am asking you forumers to explain the game to me! I’d love to be around here more often and be part of the community, and hopefully I’ll actually be able to play Evolve someday (I’m not much of a gaming person). Anywho, any information about the game would help.


start hunter easier and is better long term
monster is alone and is not that great later on


4 hunter hunting 1 monster


Hugs n luvs! My gif meme was too OP and needa to get nerfed in size.


Welcome aboard!



So what you do is have Tate take you to his place and have you play the console version (Which is currently outdated) but atleast you get the jist.



As I’m sure you’ve been told, Evolve is about 1 player taking control of a giant monster and the other 4 working together as a team to bring it down. Can take a little while to get used to how to play ( and longer to learn how to play well :stuck_out_tongue: ), but there’s nothing like it once you get past that.

Have you seen many of the characters, and if so do you have a favourite one?


Quick rundown: Everything is either OP or UP. All new content is amazing or terrible. There is no midground whatsoever. Also, call Paladin Parnell PaPa John, alright? Cool.


Unfortunately, Tate’s place is on the other side of the country from me (it’s a long-distance relationship). [quote=“ToiletWraith, post:6, topic:100342”]
have Tate take you to his place


1.) Personally, I believe all the characters are viable, you just got to find the key to mastering them.
Try out each of them, some may take more time than the other, but I do believe you will find something that suits you playstyle.
Remember: one man’s meat is another man’s poison. :wink:

2.) Learn to Dodge. Medics are king but they are not wearing a Superman suit.
Learn to be in their sight without exposing yourself to danger.
-> Roaching (Flying up a cliff and going back down)
-> Kiting (Use the terrains to your advantage)

3.) As a support, do use your shield burst to help out your teammates (Medics in particular!)
They will thank you later. :slight_smile:

4.) For more advance assault play style, try activating your 4 to take a shot for your teammates.
(IE: Goliath’s rock throw, Wraith’s Abduction…)

5.) The forum is full of helpful people.
My Lennox gameplay improved a lot because of them.
(IE: How to play as Lennox?)
If you have a question, feel free to ask.

5.) Do check out Youtube / Twitch if you are seeking to improve your gameplay.
wdyftw - Monster 101 made easy.
Ryke676 - The friendly pro in the neighbourhood.
and many more.

6.) Bahemoth = Bob.
Bob has been locked away in the TRS prison for being a naughty boy, spam the moderators to set him free!

7.) Play Evolve with your bf because Love conquers all.
(Pun Intended)

These are only my opinions. Hope these helps!


Ohhhhhhhh. I know that feel.
Meet up sometime on a weekend or something!


Thank you so much! I might have the opportunity to play Evolve tonight, so let’s hope it works out. I’ll definitely reference these tips!


What about me. :neutral_face: I kind of sort of live super close to her and not on the other side of the country lol.


Hola Val, don’t sign your post because reasons. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya but Tate’s her man, maaan.


@ToiletWraith Well, if anything I would probably play with Ian, but this boy is socially awkward and would never have me over at his house, he wouldn’t even say he loved me (as friends of course) because his parents were in the car! It’s okay though, I love testing his awkwardness and comfort levels.


I’m going to give you a rundown of everything I can think of off the top of my head.

I want you to brace yourself, because a large wall of text is coming your way, and this is the only warning you get to duck it.

There are 5 classes in the game, 4 of which are playable on a team, one of which is only playable by yourself.

Monster - Like in MMORPG or regular RPG (if you’ve had a chance to play either of those genres) you are basically the final boss for the Human side. You start off weak, and you run, eat, and Evolve in order to become the nightmare that the Hunter team just can’t make it past.

There are currently 7 different types of Monsters, if you include 2 of them being variants on 2 already existing Monsters.

When you get into a new match, you start at Stage 1 as a Monster. As a Stage 1, you get 4 points to put into up to 4 abilities. You can put up to 3 points in one ability, but this is rarely recommended at Stage 1. You kill the wildlife in the area and eat it in order to gain energy to Evolve. You get more Health and more Armor for Evolving, and you get 3 points to put into abilities at Stage 2. At stage 2 with full armor, the fight is almost a 50/50 chance for either side to win. You can continue eating to evolve to Stage 3, where you get two points to put into abilities, and have reached your final Stage.

Goliath: a Brawler, reminiscent of Predator (in the face) mixed with King Kong and Godzilla. He uses his brute strength in order to pound his enemies into submission. His four abilities are:

  1. Rock Throw - Grabs a chunk of rock from beneath his feet, pulls it above his head, and hurls it as hard as possible at the Hunters. Currently has high AoE (Area of Effect) damage. Also causes knockback effect on Hunters
  2. Flame Breath - Standard flame breath, medium range, decent width. Deals direct damage and once it’s no longer on a target, deals DoT (Damage over Time)
  3. Leap Smash - Goliath leaps into the air and smashes his entire body down, dealing high AoE damage, and knocking Hunters back. Can be used as a traversal skill to increase movement speed around the map.
  4. Charge - Goliath charges forward, dealing damage to enemies, splitting them up, and knocking them back. Can be used as traversal to increase movement speed around the map, and can also be canceled early by moving backwards while in transit.

Along with those 4 abilities, each Monster has their own unique traversal skill. Variants so far tend to share at least a version of their Originals’ Traversal skills.

Goliath leaps long distances as his traversal skill, as does Meteor Goliath.

Meteor Goliath - Blue version of Goliath, with blue flame effects on the body and kind of a hammerhead located on the brow. His abilities are roughly the same, however they all light enemies on fire dealing DoT as well as AoE damage, and Rock Throw deals more direct damage instead of AoE, and travels twice as fast. Flame Breath loses width but gains length, and also ticks higher DoT.

Kraken: a Ranged spellcaster type Monster, Kraken has been described in reviews as “a flying C’thulu Wizard”.

Kraken has two different basic attacks. Melee on the ground, and because he can fly, a ranged basic attack while in the air. Most people see his aerial basic attack as “Snowballs of death”

Kraken (and also Elder Kraken, explained below Kraken) has flying as his traversal skill. Takes off into the air, allowing Kraken (but not Elder Kraken) to use his ranged basic attack. You’ll want to be in flight when in combat.

Kraken’s four abilities are:

Lightning Strike - You aim and charge a concentrated strike of lightning at a target area. Deals high single target and AoE damage, depending on if you can hit multiple enemies with it. Kraken becomes mostly stationary while charging it up.

Vortex - Fire a large spinning Vortex AoE at enemies, dealing damage and knocking them back. Easy to combo with Lightning Strike for high damage.

Aftershock - You charge an area around yourself (which now has really cool VFX [visual effects]) with electricity, and anything inside the area takes a large amount of damage.

Banshee Mines - You spit out little orbs that have a very large range (200m at the very least). They act as homing mines, and will sit still in an area until something, wildlife or Hunter, walks by and activates the Banshee Mine. They screech like Banshees and explode on contact, dealing high single target damage. They can be destroyed by Hunter Weaponry.

Elder Kraken: The variant to Kraken (and currently last Monster Variant) focuses more on Melee-style brawler combat, with high DoT spells and melee-only basic attacks. Kelder (as it is commonly called on the forums) has 4 spells that are different than Kraken’s.

Lightning Strike (I forgot the new name, sue me) - You deal damage to a larger area, but you can’t move the target area and the range is much shorter than on Kraken. I believe it also takes less time to charge.

Death Spiral (original, Vortex) - instead of launching a move that hits Hunters, launches a loud move that goes through everything and persists, dealing high AoE damage as long as it is up.

Banshee Missile - unlike the Banshee Mines, this fires a large, slow, unkillable missile that deals high single target and AoE damage (though they have to be quite close together for it to deal AoE damage)

Chain Lightning (original, Aftershock) - Does mostly the same thing as before, but now it chains from the last target hit and can hit targets outside of the area through the chain effect. Enemies hit by the chain effect take more damage than the enemies struck inside the area.

The next Monster is Wraith. Originally a stealthy area control assassin, she’s become more of a high single-target damage brawler instead. Her traversal is Warp, which basically allows you to teleport over short distances.

Currently for Stage 2, her skills are:

Warp Blast - moves to a target area, charges for about a second, and then detonates a warp explosion, dealing high damage to anything within range (however the range is small) can be used as a traversal, and can be activated before reaching target area in order to charge the explosion faster.

Abduct - single target, aim the skill, then activate again (or release the button, depending on your personal set up) to fly to a target area, and abduct a single target (can be wildlife or Hunters) dealing damage and moving them from wherever they currently are to right in front of you. Can be interrupted to decrease the range by harpoons.

Supernova - creates a large arena around the Wraith in which she looses the ability to do Heavy Melee attacks, but gains the ability to attack very fast while inside the area, dealing high amounts of AoE damage to any Hunters inside.

Decoy - creates a clone that as of this post, fights with you and hurts Hunter, can be affected by Supernova as well. Has a health bar and can be killed before the duration is over. High cooldown.

Behemoth (also known on the forums as Bob)
Large, slow moving, deals high damage in AoE, but like I said before is slow as Christmas. Has highest amount of armor and health, but needs it to make up for his slow-ness.

His traversal is that he rolls into a large ball and can move at high speeds while in the ball, but cannot use abilities while in the ball. It also means you have to follow ground routes in order to actually get around anywhere without getting murdered harshly.

His 4 abilities are:

Lava Bomb - Launches a lava bomb at a target area, deals high damage on impact, and keeps the area on fire afterwards until the effect evaporates. Has a long wind-up time and can be easy to dodge depending on the skill of the Behemoth player.

Tongue Grab - Like abduct, but instead of you going to get the Hunter, you grab the Hunter and bring it to you. Useful in combination with Rock Wall/Lava Bomb/Fissure. I always try to get at least one point in this.

Rock Wall - Creates a large Rock Wall at target point, big enough to give you some alone time with a Hunter if used properly. Works well with ambushes, or being used to help get away to seal off chase routes for the Hunters. Can also deal damage to Hunters/wildlife if they’re standing where the wall comes up.

Fissure - launches an attack in a large line in front of the Behemoth, has a large wind-up time. Best used from the other side of terrain, or in combination with Tongue Grab.

Final Monster - Gorgon (occasionally known on the forum as Miley)
Gorgon is a small (compared to other Monsters), spiderlike Control-style Monster. Its traversal is web-sling (think Spider-Man games) and it has the unique ability to use its web-sling to attach itself to walls, enabling it to have a large view of an area, launch traps in the area, and can also use a unique high-damage pounce from the perch.

Gorgon’s four abilities are:

Acid Spit - vomits acid in an area, dealing medium direct damage and high DoT, is essential to the Gorgon’s fighting style.

Web Snare - like Kraken’s Vortex ability, launches a large move that hits hunters, but deals high DoT and slightly hampers their jetpack ( I think, someone feel free to correct me if i’m wrong.) Of the four abilities, this is one of two useful ones that can’t be killed before it reaches its target.

Spider Trap - launches a grub at a target spot that burrows into the ground and assaults Hunters for DoT damage. Can be killed if you shoot at it, and can be killed before it reaches its intended target/while it’s in the ground.

Mimic - creates a clone similar to Decoy, but instead of it being A.I. controlled, you control it. Can move into the Hunters, melee, and can be detonated to deal high AoE damage (not often a recommended move, but that varies player to player.)


All you really need to learn in Crow. That’s all.



As I said in my other post, warning, wall of text incoming. Feel free to duck it if you want.

The other 4 classes in the game fall under one broad specification: Hunters.

There are currently 7 Hunters in 3 classes, and 6 in one for a total of 27. The 3 classes that have 7 house two variants, and the one with 6 has one variant. In the very near future, there will be an 8th variant in the Medic class.

Down to business.

The 4 classes are: Assault, Trapper, Support, and Medic. Each class has more or less a specific “job” or role to fill in the game.

Assault is the damage-dealer and also generally tries to be the Monster’s target where possible, but ignoring the Assault allows it to deal high damage.

Trapper helps the team track and then capture the Monster. Inside of fights, the Trapper is also responsible for helping to CC the Monster to make movement more difficult, or otherwise keep the Monster from being able to deal full damage as often as possible.

Support helps the team. Supports range from highly defensive (Hank, TS Hank, Sunny) to highly offensive (Cabot, Kala, Bucket). Always make sure to try and pick the best support for the situation, as often as possible.

Medic keeps the team alive. There are several different kinds of medics, ranging from medics that heal single-targets very well, medics that heal in an AoE, and medics that can even bring back the dead.

Each class has its own shared ability.
Assault has Defensive Matrix (damage dealt to Assault while Matrix is online is reduced by 55%)

Trappers have Planet Scanner, scans the planet with a satellite for 5 seconds and locates the Monster, and also gives a speed boost while the scan is active

Supports have Shield Burst, which gives a burst of Shields in an AoE to help the team survive a hit when necessary.

Medics have Heal Burst, which in most cases help heal alongside their primary healing method (is the only method of Healing available to Lazarus, and Quantum Caira/Rogue Val have their own unique versions of the Heal Burst)

The list for characters should be a bit quicker to follow than Monsters, because Hunters are much simpler creatures. Every Hunter has 4 abilities. Unless I specify otherwise (and I only will on Medics, as they are the only characters that have a different class ability) assume that the class abilities are as stated above for every character

Assault primarily has damage dealing abilities, or buffs to increase damage output.

Lightning Gun - Main damage dealing weapon, easy to use. Point and hold the fire button and stay within range of the Monster. Can hit multiple targets, making it good for clearing hostile wildlife (in groups).

Assault Rifle - Secondary damage weapon, has a decent sized clip, lots of bullets, deals low damage per bullet, and is useful while the Lightning Gun recharges.

Arc Mines - Situational damage weapon, plant on the ground. Takes several seconds to arm, but if the Monster doesn’t kill it deals some of the highest damage in the game. Good luck using them.

Blitz Markov, variant of Markov. Has roughly same skills, but works towards higher damage potential instead of a steady amount of damage.

Tesla Gun - single-target, no chain lightning. Ramps up while in use to gradually outdo Lightning Gun in damage. Must be closer range and keep on the target in order to do better. Can be reset with a melee attack.

Assault Rifle (someone correct me if i’m wrong) - Has lower clip, fires faster, and in general deals about the same amount of damage, I think.

Tesla Mines - basically the same as the Arc Mines, but also ramps up to deal even higher damage than the normal Mines. Every bit a situational and weak as Arc Mines. Good luck with them.

Hyde (Personal Favorite Assault, Favorite Human in-game)

Flamethrower - Primary Damage, medium range, deals high amounts of damage in short periods of time. Also lights targets on fire for DoT effect.

Minigun - Secondary damage, medium to long range, deals medium amounts of damage over longer periods of time, good for helping to hurt the Monster while it’s on the move, or for pesky Krakens in the air.

Toxic Grenade - Situational, high AoE damage good for area denial. If used properly, helps to melt your enemies much faster.

Parnell - tactical leader of the bunch. Requires really good aim (I suck at him personally)

Shotgun (someone’s definitely going to need to correct me on that name) - 10 round clip, deals good damage, can be fired in close to medium range to good effect.

Rocket Launcher - 5 round clip. Rockets fly in a straight line to exactly where you’re pointing.

Super Soldier - when used, buffs Parnells weapon switching, reload speed, movement speed, firing speed, and jump height. Allows for massive damage when used correctly, and also good for helping to chase down the Monster (but be careful and make sure you’ve got it in the dome, or the Monster might escape some of your damage)

Torvald (reminds me of my Uncle honestly)

Auto-shotgun - Primary when you press the fire button, automatically fires every round in the clip. Good when used with:

Shrapnel Grenades - deals low damage, but creates several weak points on the Monster that you can hit with the auto-shotgun to increase your damage dealt. Also works with most allied weaponry (not explosives)

Mortar Cannon - Secondary/Situational, deals high amounts of damage, but is hard to aim, as in most cases for PvP, the Mortars are too slow to actually hit the enemy. Amazing if used to full effectiveness.

Lennox (definitely in my top 5 favorite Hunters) she made herself a Mech Suit to fight Monsters in.

Plasma Lance - Primary, ramps up similar to Blitz Markov, however has an unlimited clip but is melee range only. Very good damage in the right situation, especially if the Monster is ignoring you.

Auto cannon - Secondary, deals low damage but has probably the biggest clip in the game so far. Just keep shooting even if the Monster is running, this can be your best friend.

Thunder Strike - Situational, Deals high damage, has a high recharge rate, and can be used for helping catch the Monster (4 jetpack boosts into a Thunder Strike covers a lot of ground)

Renegade Abe

“Penitence” - modified version of normal Abe’s shotgun, has two fire modes. Main mode has two shots, deals decent damage, and poisons the Monster (Poison from shotgun lasts 5 seconds). Alt fire has one shot, and deals high burst damage.

Corrosive Grenades - modified from Stasis grenades, explodes within 5m of a Monster, poisoning and weakening the Monster slightly.

Nerve Toxin Dart - Poisons the Monster and increases damage dealt by around 7%~. The poison from both the grenades and Dart last 10 seconds.

That covers the Assault class. Gonna try to fit Trappers on this post, then do Support/Medic on third final post.

Trappers can deal damage, but primarily attempt to control the monster’s movements, or impede the monsters movement with harpoons, traps, or other fun skills.


SMG - deals damage, good up close but if you hold the fire button down becomes extremely inaccurate.

Harpoon traps - use to put a harpoon trap on the ground, which takes a few seconds to activate and then fires a harpoon into the Monster. Can have up to 3 at a time.

Pet Trapjaw( Daisy) - Tracking method, Daisy can find the Monster no matter where it is. Can also revive teammates if they’re on the ground without being told.

Wasteland Maggie - essentially the same, but on fire.

Burst Pistol (correction needed) - way more accurate, deals less damage, lights monster on Fire for DoT effect.

Harpoon Trap - Same as before, however only one can be used, is larger, and also lights the monster on Fire.

Pet Trapjaw (Daisy) - mostly the same, half as much HP, has a flamethrower on her back that… you guessed it.

Griffin (Top 3 favorites, right beneath Lazarus)

Gauss SMG - very accurate, good damage, decent sized clip.

Harpoon gun - a manual-fire version of the traps that Maggie has, has higher range, one round, high reload time. Good for controlling the movement of the Monster.

Sound Spike - tracking method. Covers effectively 1/6th of the entire map, and you can use 3 of them. Monsters can sneak past, but within 15(or 20m, help) reveals everything

Electro Griffin

The Laser Storm - highly inaccurate, low damage, slows down the Monster with a stasis-type effect.

The Final Lockdown - lower range harpoon gun, deals damage as long as it’s in the Monster.

Sound Spikes? (correction needed) - much lower range than the sound spikes (45m instead of 77m) but reveals EVERYTHING regardless of sneak inside of the range. Can cover the entire dome, so good for tracking inside the dome.

Abe (top 5)
Modified Shotgun - has 6 rounds, deals decent damage, and if you wait a second and a half between shots, is one of the most accurate weapons in the game.

Stasis Grenades - large AoE, slows down the Monster as long as it remains in the area, reducing melee attack speed, movement speed, climbing speed, and helps to drag Kraken to the ground.

Tracking Dart - tracking ability, can be used on wildlife so when the Monster eats a dead body, it becomes tracked. Once the Monster is either tagged directly, or eats a tracking dart from wildlife, Monster is tracked for either 30 or 40 seconds (correction needed).


Kinetic Longrifle - deals decent damage, 50 per shot, 6 round clip. Can be charged to ignore Monster armor, dealing direct Health damage (101 according to @Shunty) and generally helping to keep the Monster from getting anything for free. Also great at killing low-health Monsters at the end of the game.

Stasis Rifle - deals no damage, but directly applies a stasis effect like from Abe’s grenades or E-Griffin’s SMG. Can be charged, 1.5 second duration if not charged, 8.5 seconds if fully charged.

Gobi - tracking method, Crow has tamed a EDIT: Batray (thank you) and uses it to track the Monster over long distances. Reveals everything in a line based on where Crow launches the bird towards. 35m radius around the bird, and the line goes over 100m.


Dual Pistols - uses two sets of Dual Pistols as main damage, and almost uniquely isn’t supposed to be slowed while firing. Reload times are relatively low due to being able to switch between Pistol sets.

Repulsor - helps control Monster movement. Stops Monster from moving in the direction you have this on him. Can only be used while fully charged, can be released at any time to start the recharge process. Has easy-to-read VFX to know whether it’s active or not.

Orbital Satellite - tracking method, Jack hacked old survey satellites and uses them to help pinpoint the Monster’s location, helps to track eaten wildlife, Elite wildlife, Monsters steps, and can also track where the Monster is (at that moment)

that sums up the trappers. As stated previously, i’m going to finish supports/Medics in my next reply, and then we’ll be done with the walls of text.

If anyone actually makes it down here, i’m sorry for the massive walls, but OP asked for as much info as possible.