Help Me Identify this


So i’m reading about Evolve in my issue of gameinformer today and something stood out to me.

I don’t recognize this gun!


Griffin’s harpoon gun?


Looks like a Griffin 'poon to me…perhaps an early rendition?


Griffin’s harpoon gun for sure, thats how the harpoon gun looks when you keep it held.


Thats griffins poon bruh


He means the background laser, I think.

That used to be Hank’s Laser Cutter. It used to be an actual beam weapon, they changed it.


Yeah, it looked, REALLY, wierd.


It looks different on this magazine, made me think of a new laser gun :3


Almost looks like Markovs lightning gun


kinda, aw my brain was going T5 crazy for a second. pardon my enthusiasm


Elite skin changes the appearance a bit but definitely the Harpoon Gun.


Don’t worry bout it Popo


Aw sad face


Look on the bright side ^.^
It sure is a cool shot


That picture is from the website.


Definitely a harpoon gun. ^.^


Not the gun we’re talking about.

That’s Hank’s old laser cutter. It used to shoot a giant laser beam rather than hundreds of energy shots.


Well…when you fire the Laser Cutter, it fires beams, but in bursts.


I think it was the front gun he was asking about @XkrSkorpion which was it that you meant?


Kinda all the above… A lord I’ve started another dress dilemma it seems XD