Help me fix my level reset Im lvl 39, scared to launch the game

I just finished a match and the game was loading up for another match, i wasnt doing anything risky like switching apps or anything. I selected my hunter then after that the game wouldnt let me select my perk, i noticed this so i quit outta the game and came back and am now lvl 1. Instead of loading a new game up i exited out and reset my xbox. Now i know im screwed because the game is asking me to put in the gamma adjustments and stuff.

I am lvl 39 ppl, ive played like 93hrs. What should i do, delete my xbox game save data? Will that help?

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it.

Did you use two different consoles?

I feel you man I’ve been reset 5 times

no same console

what level were you? I cant believe im reset at level 39

Nothing you can do outside level up again.

I feel realy sorry for you guys. All the resets are on Xbox one from what I’ve read here…

This bug actually makes me scared to play. I have heard about this happening to so many people on the forums. I’ve put 50+ hours into the game myself. Lv38. Idk what I would do with myself if I got reset.

I feel for ya man.

I just check my hours played on xbox one it says 93, i took screenshots of all my achievements and everything. Im so pissed right now, i may end up breaking my rare white xbox one controller

I’m so sorry man. This really sucks. Happened to me as well.

You were lvl 39… Sorry this happened to you! wellcome to the club!

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I’ve been playing since the 9th, been reset about 4 times now, once at level 12, then at 21, then 23, finally my last reset I was able to duplicate the situation and find out what was causing it, but had leveled to 16. I am now in the 20’s again.

Crazily enough, I am still in love with this game and have enjoyed every minute of it. The only thing that really hurt and caused me to take a break from playing was my leaderboard progress, I was really happy at reaching the top ten globally for Kraken, but after the first reset my record shows 6 wins and 3 losses, only 1 game as Kraken. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meanwhile, my upload channel has about 40 or so videos of Kraken wins. Oh well, bugs are guaranteed to show up in the first weeks of release, unfortunately we are some of the few who have been bitten rather harshly. TRS are amazing developers and gamers just like us, I know they will make it right.

In other news, have you guys heard about the upcoming patch? It will no doubt have fixes for those of us who have been reset, but apart from that I read a quote from Chris Ashton on Evolve Hype that the patch will no doubt cause some “controversy” oooooooh, what ever could he mean? More Wraith nerfs? I hope not. Balance changes I’m sure.
He mentions a future game mode and new maps, all which will be free, as well as progress on the T4 Hunters and Behemoth.

Hang in there, the best days to be had with this game are yet to come.

Where did you hear that the patch will fix reset issues? Are they going to reverse it? From what i have read 2k is bassically telling eveyone that they are shit outta luck.

What system is this problem on? i play on ps4 am i at risk? and 93 hours? jesus dude

The next patch coming this week will most likely fix it. The dev’s are also working on a solution to re-give progress that was lost (That may take SOME time though, I’d say the next patch maybe?).

Hang in there man, in every dark crevice the sun can be seen at noon.

Mine did the same thing just tonight. It went to sync to the cloud and failed. Game booted and now it’s acting like I just installed It. My gamma, edges, sensitivity, inverted look, perks, rewatching ever darn tut. Only thing it saved was my badge… which if I go into my badges its showing locked… I reported it to 2k.

I’m also very upset. Unlock my perks again and characters. I’m avoiding the game for now. Either they fix it or I’m going to argue for my money or give me season pass? So much down time with xbox live on top of this makes it suck even more. -.-

I’m giving this a week. If it’s not fixed I’m calling 2k and microsoft.