Help me find some model (and maybe rigs) from evolve on this forum maybe for Ark mod


So i had an idea and it was to find as many models (and maybe rigs) from Evolve that could work in the Ark dev kit so that some people maybe able to create an Evolve mod for Ark. It dosen’t have to be only the monsters but the animals (wildlife) would be just as cool. But the fils really need to be compatible for the Ark dev kit or it won’t work. I won’t be able to do this because i know nothing about modding but it could help someone to create a mod.

All help is appreciated. and thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


There was some modders that were working on the models of Evolve such as the Kraken, the Behemoth, the wildlife and Hyde. I have some pictures of their rigs but it was from a thread in the Facepunch forums about mods that would never be released…

You can also see Lazarus in the picture above with the Kraken


So some of the models are out. Now we just have to get them. I would LOVE a mod for ark about Evolve.


The only models that are downloadable for now are:

-From SFM: the Goliath and the Wraith
-From Gmod: Caira

That’s all…but I have someone who’s working on the models currently. He told me to wait until he re-contact me…but it’s been like 1 or 2 month since he did not respond, so I feel like he kinda forgot either to work on the models or to contact me when something’s done.


It will require a little work, and it wont have the newer stuff.
Here’s a good starting point:

Search Keywords:



Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: could you give me the links to it please ?


Thanks! :slight_smile:


The Goliath (stage 1):
The Wraith (stage 3):

For now, that’s all I know that is downloadable so far.


Caira for Gmod!!!

@Caira_Or_Riot you may be interested in it.


oh my god this is a godsend. I can’t believe I missed that thread! Thank you for the link!!


So, this thread is about the files of Evolve to create fan content like rigs, sound effects and such?


Well kinda yes, it’s to regroupe a max of info so that if someone wants to make a mod they just come on this thread and they have a ton of info (models, rigs ect) to help them create a mod. But personally I don’t know how to make mods. XP


In fact, I think nobody here expect maybe 2 or 3 from the community knows how to make mods.


That’s why i’m on the discord server of the modder who made the monster hunter mod for ark, and i sent this link in the mods suggesetion categorie. I hope he see’s it and maybe considers it :slight_smile: but I don’t promise anything.