Help me find some darned cargo pants!


You heard me! I need you, the people, to help me find some cargo pants D:
I’ve been flying across the internet in hopes to find some proper cargo pants, but all I get are results such as beige normal trousers. I’m not asking for much… I just don’t want the price too be insane like 200+ dollars… I don’t have that kind of money for one pair of pants. o.O
Edit: If it’s needed information, I’m female so I’m looking for pants that’d fit women- and I’m pretty short…
So if anyone knows any good sites or places to buy said cargo pants, you know, military-esque style. In a style similar to this

If you guys can help, dangit I’d be SO GREATFUL.


Pricy, but assuming you don’t change pants sizes a lot they’ll last ages.


Hmm, not sure if I have that money, I might do… (I use Swedish kronor so it might also cost a lot for post and packaging)
I also forgot to note I’m female, I should put that in the top for more reference.
Thanks though!


While these were originally recommended to me by a guy, I’ve since recommended them to a female friend of mine as well who loves them, although she was only able to swing a single pair due to cost.


Aah, alright. Might be the same problem for me ^^
I have 950SEK which roughly converts to 109 dollars… And sending it to another country would only cost more :frowning:


Check out Duluth as well:

You might have to check out the men’s section though, that’s where most of the cargos live. The quality here is still high, but not “lifetime” high. Being from the US, I have no idea where to shop to get something shipped cheap to Sweden, but good luck.


Thanks again, man. ;w;

Sky’s out thighs out broham XD


Pants. >:c
I’ve never been a shorts person, I hate having my legs out, I feel really self conscious about it. xD


Lol I know, this is a company for try-hard frat stars XD
I haven’t seen good cargo pants since the 90s where you could unzip them at the knee
Outdoors inc website they’ve got some good ones last time I checked


Alright, thanks.
I got contact from my buddy whose like military obssessed, he found these
So I might be settled for them, but if I can find any better I’ll sure as hell take 'em.


Lol best of luck ^.^
Those are a seasonal item I think


The ones I linked? Yeah, the description is Swedish however it says “perfect spring/summer trousers!”
I’m in luck ;D