Help me catch up pls


So i haven t played Evolve in like 4 months, and apart from kala and emet i have no idea what s next like, i heard about Elder Kraken ? is that like his new (insert word i forgot here pls) then there s maggie and hank stuff coming too, and i don t know if they were buffs and nerfs so if you can help me pls so i m not lost


Welcome back :smile: (The word you are looking for is adaptation :wink: )

A quick skim through of the patch notes of what is here and what is to come. Hank the technical tank and Mad Maggs are out and Elder Kraken is coming soon™

Stick around because patch 9.0 looks HUGE.


thank you very much dudue :slight_smile: when can we expect Elder Kraken and U9 ?


That we don’t know yet C:


oki then, btw whare Sgt Hank and Wastelands Maggie abilities pls, i ve seen flametrhowers for daisy but i m not very sure about anything


They’re free, go play them now! :smile: