HELP! I seriously suck at being the monsters!


Yo peeps…
I love being evolves monsters, but my win loose ratio is as follows… Oh and I’m level 30.
Goliath- 1wins, 23 deaths
Kraken- 3 wins, 26 deaths
Wraith- 9 wins, 9 deaths. ( not that bad)…
I’m getting so damn frustrated.
Any monster tips from… Well ,… Anybody!!


Sneak, stage up, play solo rounds of defend with high wildlife to level the Monster’s abilities faster.


Avoid continuing the fight, NEVER fight when your armour is down unless your stage 3 or half the hunter team is dead with no dropship coming anytime near. NEVER fight with red health even when domed in any circumstance.


What platform are you on?


Thanks guys, … I’m on xbox.
I almost always sneak, although once in a fight it’s always to the death. Have been being caught at level one a lot lately or level 2 at best.


Ah, xbone, dang.
Well on the topic of you getting caught, what trappers give you the most trouble?


Just try to evade on terrain in Domes that aren’t advantageous for you, and purposefully go over terrain when Hunters are chasing you to slow them down.


yeah dont do that. any stage. you have to make good decisions on when to try to end it. if 2 ppl are down thats a good time to stick around and all-in. otherwise take whatever strike u got in that fight and go get armor.


IF they choose maggie/daisy DONT BOTHER SNEAKING, any other trapper sneak, always go for the medic, if hank is involved try to power through his shields and kill the medic then quickly him :smiley: his shields can only hold on for soo long :stuck_out_tongue:


also always pay attention if the hunters choose Lazarus he is priority #1


What platform? If you’re on PC, hit me up on Steam: VanadromArda and I’ll give you some tips. Not a lot of seriously good monster players out there so it’d be nice to do some mentoring.


on xbox one atm wanna pair up?

Scratch that message meant for big wolf


Can’t really say I have trouble with any particular trapper to be honest. I think that I kinda suck in the fight if anything, but I do try and get right into the hunters faces when fighting, and also try to focus on one hunter at a time, usually medic-assault-then either trapper or support ( unless hank is playing then I usually target him first).


sorry lent my xbox atm, cause ive been working crazy :frowning:


Can’t right now dude, but hit me up tommorow my gamer tag is the same as my forum name… iTsBiGmAcWoLf.


So, good at running but not so good with fighting. Lol reminds me of myself a little while back.
Now, 2 questions.

  1. How do you deal with carrion birds
  2. Which perk do you usually use?


Being a sneaker, don’t really have that much trouble disturbing birds, but if I do, and when I attract by feeding, I try a sneaky double back if I kinda know where the hunters are which either works wonders or I run straight into them. If I don’t know where they are I do switch the direction I’m travelling in with mixed results. Don’t really have a go to buff, just whatever is available at the time.


Hmm. Your sneak style seems fine, just make sure you dont oversneak. For example, if they get too close for comfort, dont sneak away, YOU RUN.
Also i meant starting perk, the one you choose in the char select screen


Sorry dude, I use cool down reduction currently at 23%.
I must not be executing attacks properly or somthin…!!!


Ah cooldown redux, not a bad choice.
Alright so im gonna jot some things down.
Good sneaking
Good running
Doesnt panic with birds
Knows the priorities well enough
Cant string combos together entirely effectively
Now, are you confident with fighting at stage 1?
Do you actively engage at 2?
Or do you only fight at 3 if possible?