Help getting the 3rd star on slims spore gun?


Any Tips or advice? or if anyone wants to help let me know.
I’m on ps4.


What was the challenge again? Generate three healbursts in a clip fifty times, correct?


I just finished this yesterday and it was a massive pain. If you’re willing to do it with Ai I suggest 5 minute matches on Wraith Trap, favors monster, infinite strikes and 15 second dropship on rescue mode. You could do this with any monster, but I found that Goliath and Behemoth worked well enough. I also suggest having Abe for slowing, Markov and Bucket because you don’t want the monster to die quickly.

Edit: I forgot to add two things: Use the map effect for the energy barrier to make monster encounters more common and there is currently a bug with the mastery that allows you to hit wildlife with the spore gun and have it count as if you hit the monster.

Hes asking for help with the spore gun not the leech gun, he needs to get 50 revives right after hitting the monster with a spore.


thats the leach gun got that one done easily.
no hit monster with spore gun, then revive 50 teamates


Take a look in this thread: Slim's Mastery's are flawed

I explained what I did to get the elite skin.