HELP! Download stuck at 81% on xbox one, any advice would be appreciated


Hello everyone, this is my first post so please be gentle.

I am based in the uk so it’s around 7.30 at night at the moment. I have previously bought the hunter season pass a few weeks ago and am absolutely loving this game, so a very honest and heartfelt well done and thanks to everyone involved in it!

I started downloading the latest update as soon as I got in from work (about 2 hours ago) and it is now stuck at 81% and has been for the last 40 minutes or so with no movement.

I have attempted a restart twice on the xbox, including pausing and restarting the download.

Has anyone had a similar issue at all and if so, would you be able to pass on any advice.

Thanks in advance



Mine stopped on 92% for quite a while. I just restarted my Xbox and it was fine after that. Don,t really know what else you can do.


Yeah, tried that and got nowhere, I’ll give it another go though, see what happens, I’m not worried about having access to dlc till it’s officially out, just wanna play some games.

Would it be worth tagging a dev at all? Don’t want to overstep the mark

thanks for the reply, really appreciate it


No problem.

Tier 4 isn’t available on the Xbox yet, you will have to wait another 5 hours to use them anyway. :smile:

Have you done a hard reset too just to be sure?


i paused and unpaused it when it was stuck and that helped


Yup tried a hard reset and no joy. Maybe I am being too impatient :smile:

Again, thanks for the replys and help guys


Downloads can be slow on Xbox sometimes so I wouldn’t worry too much. If in a couple hours time it is still stuck, it might be worth asking a dev.
Hope it fixes itself soon though.
Thanks for being civil about this too. :smile:

We bought a preowned Evolve game and the download is stuck on 75%. Any suggesitions?

No reason not to be civil, treat others how you want to be treated and all that! It’s all finished now, it was clearly me getting overly impatient :smiley:

Thanks again for all your help and replies, it’s great to be on somewhere you can count on people to chip in