Help discover T5 (Concept Art)

I think the trapper may be a robot or have robotic extension stuff like sunny, it look a little like the 7th trapper from the left, the 2nd support, and I think maybe it gets the hat from the 2nd medic, though that one reminds me of a fancy bucket.

I think the support may be wearing some kind of glove like the Lazarus device

Hey guys I had a game where Maggie and Hyde have a conversation of Greggory Pecker, a clue to one of the Tier 5 Hunter’s names. I’m likely thinking it’s the Trapper’s

Can you remember anymore of that conversation?

I’ve heard Gregory pecker mentioned in another thread but don’t remember where exactly, if we had more context it’d be easier to tell.

I can’t remember the rest, unfortunately. I only screenshot this pic. Sorry.

Gregory pecker could the a nickname for something like a weapon maybe. It did say what is Gregory pecker so it could be like a basilisk soldier like slim and they’re wondering what he is, or they’ve heard of something called Gregory pecker and they’re asking if anyone knows what it is

So far as names I’ve seen dropped in-game that may be related to new hunters I have heard Lennox refer to someone names Arthur, this Gregory Pecker fella, and the trapper mentioned in that one Griffin-Val dropship conversation (don’t remember his name).

The subtitle says “Who’s” not what.

Really? I must be going blind lol

Yeah thanks for pointing that out, I hope that’s not one of the hunters because I don’t like the name, doesn’t really sound right to me

This one seems more like Lenny to me

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Yeah, I agree. The Trapper looks like Kiko, and that name sounds badass!

I really liked Lenox when she came out, thinks she’s a bit op, so I really can’t wait for the rest, I think I’m most excited over support because I’m really curious about that hand thing

Oh my god you guys.

I JUST pointed out that Albright and Hercules USE THE SAME BASE MODEL FOR CONCEPT DESIGN.

Gregory Peck is just one of Hyde’s slang nicknames.

The conversation is Maggie/Hyde.

He talks about showing fire down the Monster’s Gregory.

Maggie asks who Gregory Peck is and Hyde says he has no idea.


Not some real person.

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Gregory Peck is a slang term for throat.



Gregory Peck is a slang term for “throat.”

Okay, that makes sense. I remember a comical dialogue between Slim and Hyde about his cockney slang as well.

You guys make me headdesk, sometimes.