Help discover T5 (Concept Art)

So my friend Beans and I have been looking at all the concept art for all the Hunters and it seems that most, if not all, the Hunters in the game are some rendition of the Hunters in the concept art. Here is the whole concept art for all the Hunters:


And here is all of T5:

Can anyone make any connections? Beans and I think that Kiko may be the Trapper but who really knows, anyone have any ideas?

Trapper seems like a combination of Kiko and Hammerhead.
Medic seems like he might be Rhino.
Support could be Hyde or Brick, but not very similar to the concpet arts.

i think brick is now slim my buck is on aurora is the medic

Slim is Dr.Monroe.

I see a lot of Moses in the Trapper, moreso than Kiko. Both in his equipment set-up, and the way he stands.

But I do agree with the possible hammerhead combo.


what has your friend beans been up to these days anyway?


Medic might be hammerhead that’s all I got

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A lot of the characters have changed since those concepts so honestly there might not be very many noticeable connections to make


There are. The Torvald concept art became Griffin, the Nikola CA became Markov, Abe, Caira, Parnell, Cabot, and Hank stayed within the same realms so it seems a decent amount of it stayed the same.

Actually, Griffin started off as Le Roux, then Kingsley Solomon.

Torvald’s concept has remained the same, his weapon choice just changed. His theme is similar to Captain Ahab chasing the White Whale, but in this case, he’s chasing the Monster that slew the Ajax.

Not trying to be a complete jerk, but had to clarify that.

Several of the characters seem to be amalgams of the characters on the concept art.

Take a look at Refugee. You can see that they have an insectoid body (check the feet) and Dr. Monroe has the bugs. It looks like Slim was born as a mashup of those two.

Also, people like Lennox aren’t depicted here, so don’t assume that every character will be taken from this concept art.

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I never said that Griffin developed out of Torvald. I said that Torvald’s concept likely developed into Griffin as he holds the harpoon gun.

@mikeylikesit There are robots all over and even a guy in a mech suit so how are people like her not depicted?

Robots and mech suits aren’t the same thing at all. Notice how Bucket and Lennox aren’t at all the same.

Albright, Bjorn, etc. are NOT in mech suits. Armor, but not mech suits.

Also, the weapon choice is a harpoon to fit the captain Ahab theme. Torvald’s concept stayed the same. Only the harpoon was given to someone else.

We need a character named Bjorn. We just gotta. I love saying that name, Bjjjjjjjjoooooooorrrrnnn

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Albright the medic seems to be very similar to Lennox.


Many of the designs use a character model base.

Albright, Bjorn, Griffin, Hercules, Bucket use the same base.

Brick and Hyde use the same base.

Fox, Bolton, Ash, Kingsley, and Sparrow use the same base.

Cassie and Caira…

Dayton and Parnell…

I wouldn’t read too far into it.

They just made bases and created designs. The Albright one was just a generic large body suit type design.

Wow, it would be wonderful if for each time these images are brought into light there was a sale of this art book. I think it’s worth it, I want to get it myself.


Lennox much?


I think Bacon could be the T5 monster. I mean, the name is so fitting for something that is going to be toasted by Hyde’s flamethrower. It makes complete sense!

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After seeing old Abe, I really want a trapper with a hunting rifle.
And maybe a spotter.
Yeah, a trapper that uses a spotter to track and a hunting rifle to shoot.
And I totally didn’t steal the idea from @Seanical