Help debugging DXGI_Device_Hung_Error


Since I updated my PC to Windows10 I cannot use the old nVidia drivers (352.86) that would cause less DXGI_Device_Hung_Errors. So now I am getting this error very often… Very often. Evolve is borderline unplayable right now.

Since neither nVidia nor you have been able to fix this error until now, I would like to ask if I can do anything to help you debug this error.
Are there config files for DirectX, CryEngine, Evolve in which I can enable some debug output?

I actually am a software developer so I know a little about debugging software, maybe I can help.

EDIT: Oh, wait, seems like I can use some old drivers for Windows 10 (352.84). I will try that tonight (CEST) and update this post. :smile:

You wonder why you’re having issues mister beta tester :s

Had the same issues with Windows 7 when using the newest nVidia drivers. Using older drivers made the DHE appear less often. Problem is not Windows but the nVidia drivers.

Windows 10 is pretty good actually. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I debug it on my own somehow and send it to you guys? Does it take long? (Win7)

Ok, with the old drivers (352.84) I had no DHE in 1h. But the performance is really not good. It’s lagging now.

Maybe you can revert to the May drivers, too, wednesday. The Win7 May drivers were fine.

I use 350.12. The rest gives me lags/disco lights and more DHE

Got a new graphics card (GTX 970) and that fixes the DHE for me.

But it’s very sad that nVidia does not care about older graphics cards and/or Evolve. :frowning:

GTX 970 eh? I bought a 960 the other day, got 1 DHE :C

I wished I had only one DHE in a few days with my old card. :confused:

Weird though, I bought it on saturday. Got the first DHE on sunday

Could you guys respond to this thread with your Dxdiag attached. Nvidia was interested to see people’s system specs that were able to reproduce the issue after their drivers came out.

As I mentioned in that thread, we have a PC that has been able to reproduce the bug, so we’ve been actively testing on it. It takes a bit of time to crash though, so it can take like anywhere from an hour to a day before it crashes and allows our programmer to analyze it, submit changes, grab those changes, rebuild and compile, and repeat the process. It takes a long time, but we’re able to work on it.

Sorry, never had this error again since I got the GTX 970. Only my old GTX 660 crashed. Crashes became more often after I got my new motherboard, CPU (Intel i5; old one was an AMD) and RAM.