Help Create a Monster!

That’s why bacteria is awesome!
I would love to use a living bio-weapon.
Also we have not decided in using a leech ability. That is for us to discuss later.

  • Air/Wind
  • Plant/Nature
  • Acid
  • Sludge
  • Ice
  • Metal
  • Bacteria
  • Wood/Tree
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Spirit
  • Water
  • Gravity
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No one listens to me. :frowning:

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Also we have not decided in using a leech ability

an organism which lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense.

Necromancers draw on life force and use it to strengthen or heal themselves and others.

what did we just vote on if not that it has a leech ability


10 char

At the end of the next pool we should take the 3 most popular elements, not only one or two.

Plus: Yes, there is leech ability, it was in the description.

It benefits from the host
All because it says nutrients, doesn’t mean we have to use leech.
I would rather leave out leech and focus on better abilities.

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so what you’re saying is

the poll didnt come out as ranger so we should ignore it

Relies on leeching health, infecting over time, slowing opponents.

It was in the poll!

slowing opponents

my gravity element idea actually fits into this nicely

Septic? Maybe?

what you want a shit monster?

But there is 1 thing.
What if we find it doesn’t work?
We can try it.
But there are other ways to make a parasite.

Was that towards me?

it will work, i don’t see why not

What is wrong with a leech ability? A monster that is able to recover its own health would really mix up the equation.

its not really an element mate

Maybe air? Think about it, Goliath is Fire, Kraken is Lightning, Behemoth is Earth. Why can’t the new one be air.

Yes it would.
But is it in a good way?
Guess I’ll stop since I’m the only one who thinks it’s a bad idea since we could go other routes.

Well, if one element is ice it could leech not life but warmth from its environment instead and thus slowing them down…
Kinda like a side effect. The monster needs external warmth because it can’t keep warm by itself an so it is very cold by nature.

I will keep thinking about it.

Edit: Oh and when it slows others down its own body temperature rises which allows it to move faster in return.