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This is where we will begin discussions on a community-created monster for later submission to TRS. Via polling and your comments, artistic efforts, and ideas, we seek to make a forum-created monster that everyone can be happy with showcasing to the dev team. Helping to create this monster is a pro-bono effort, so please do not expect some sort of payment/compensation for your ideas or time (if you do, please don not take part in this thread), and also do not expect that this monster will eventually get made for the game. While that is kinda the main goal, it is completely up to the TRS team if they feel like entertaining our creation when it is completed. This is something we are doing for fun, but also with serious thought. It will take a lot of time and discussion. Even if it is chosen for creation, this also doesn’t mean that aspects of it won’t get changed somewhere along the lines. Please be understanding of this and lets just have some fun!

Be sure to watch this topic so you can stay up to date with the creative process at all times. I will also be updating this first post with all of the official decisions made, so if you miss something you can refer back to the main topic to get back on track.

Archetype Chosen: Parasite/Necromancer (Ranger at second place)
Elemental Theme Chosen: Bacteria/Plague (1st), Acid (2nd), w/Fungus (3rd place)
Traversal Chosen: Gliding or Shadow Mist or mix of both. Original choice of Grappling changed due to Gorgon.
AOE Ability: Spore Cloud (2nd place Plague Mites) Name changed to Dread Fog
Knockback Ability: Vorpal Blade (Forceful Stinger at second place)
Skillshot Ability: Slingshot Crash (Viral Bomb & Forceful Stinger in second place)
Extra Ability: Viral Overload (Acid Blast in second place)

Potential Names List:

Polls Ran Thus Far:

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So everyone, we now have our starting point with the archetype of Parasite/Necromancer. Next decision we will have to make will be the elemental theme. Going along with the Parasite/Neco archetype, lets brainstorm some elements that would work well with that so we can create a new poll. Goliath has fire, Kraken has Lightning/Electricity, Wraith has…dark energy(?), and Behemoth has Magma/Rock powers.

I think our list should be no more than 5 elements to vote on. I also think an element like water would lean more towards life than death, so we want things that would work better with what we have going right now…but lets discuss!


Plague and Gas is obvious off the bat.



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I know it’s not a classic element, strictly speaking - But how about Sludge?

It just works in many ways. The monster would leave a sludge trail, sludge can be used as a projectile, an area denial, for a quick splash, It could shoot out jets of sludge to traverse OR lay a road of sludge down which it can travel faster, and who doesn’t love cool dark ink-style effects?

Edit : Of course, I forgot to mention the sludge can also work with the whole necromancer/parasite angle. It can slow, it can be poisonous, all the good stuff.





Plant/Poison, i have had this idea for a while now - What type of Monster would you like to see?


Pestilence. I know this might be too dark and vague, but since I read somewhere that Wraith is apparently ‘Void’ I thought this would work.


Why not Multi-elemental?


Element Idea: Bacteria/Virus
Yes I know it’s a little strict but imagine! The monster could make a cloud of airborne viruses! Make minions/ turrent (whatever we do) that inject harmful bacteria! A living bio-weapon!

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A hundred of things that work together?


Cloud of airborne viruses? Good god, do you know how many microorganisms you have to gather up in a pile to make a CLOUD? You could just pelt them with balls of bacteria at that point.


Don’t be silly.
That’s the 4th ability.


shortlist of elements:

Ice - ice chucking abilities, ice slide traversal etc.

Nature/plants - vine abilities. basicly spiderman with vines.

gravity - can make stuff float and reverse gravity or turn gravity off or something - while i really want nature to be the theme myself because i want a vine spider, wouldn’t it be cool to have a monster with AOE mutator abilities that effect the way gravity works?? making it harder for hunters to follow with more gravity, or disabling their movement for a second by turning it off.

air+poison AOE (would already have poisoned melee) - air burst abilities and poison shots

water+rocks (to distinguish from ice) - water jets and water-streams with rocks.

+bacteria (bear can explain this better than me, i thought it’d be cool to have a spell that grew bacteria into huge monsters to fight with you, but that’s not what his idea was, let him elaborate.)


cannot have fire because of goliath
cannot have electricity because of kraken
cannot have lava/rock because of behemoth
cannot have ??? purple because of wraith

most of these are really easy to base abilities around. gravity, nature/plant/vine and ice would be my favorites for this one, but they’re all good choices.

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You forgot bacteria.


It should be Ice/Sludge

Edit- And how are we gonna do a gravity parasite?


Obviously, it has a neural parasite that convinces the hunters that gravity is going the other way, they attempt to flip themselves over to straighten themselves, and they break their necks in the process.


XD Good chance to code that!



This is the obvious go-to based on the planet, there are already acid environments. There are 4 core damaging elements in fantasy rpgs: fire, electricity, cold, and acid. There are 2 fire monsters and while you list Wraith as “dark energy,” I would argue that its Supernova is clearly electricity themed, making 2 electricity monsters. That leaves acid and cold.


what about an ability like the MGS4 ragdoll dolls for it if it gets gravity as it’s element, so we can shoot space dust clouds at hunters and if they run through it we can bang them against walls with ragdoll

@borderline it will always have some sort of poison ability since it’s a parasite/necromancer as well as a leech spell