Help Brothers, I can't escape!


I’m super stressed right now, I haven’t been able to get past stage 1 in 90% of my recent matches. I just can’t get away from the hunters. If they have daisy, I can’t sneak away. If they have Abe, it’s only a matter of time before I eat something he darts.

How do I get away? I simply can’t evolve because they never get off my back, I can’t kill the trapper because I don’t do enough damage to mitigate the healing at stage 1.


If you are anything else than easy mode (Wraith), then you should engage hunters and deal some damage, this will give you some breathing time when they lick their wounds.

Also, don’t bother with sneaking when you are tracked with Abe’s darts or they are using Daisy as they should. Just run, and pressure them when needed (favourable location for monster, they are split, whatever, put some strikes on them).


Just pick a corner and go to it. Unless they have Diasy you should be more than capable of finding a place to eat enough to reach Stage 1, at which point I like to engage the hunters to test the waters although this is entirely optional. If you don’t want a stage 1 engage, wait for them to come relatively near you and then bolt across to the other end of the map.

It’s always good to mix sneaking and running. With any hunter other than Maggie it’s important to sneak away from the start, but to then start running once you’ve broken line of sight with the starting area. Even with Maggie, sneaking still helps as the hunters never know if they’re right behind you or far away (unless you’re in a corner).


I’m going to upload a video of my most recent match, showing what’s going on. Please help, I don’t want to suck forever.


My usual schedule is:

Take about five steps in one direction, sneak in some other direction until I’m up a cliff/behind a wall then start running and chowing.
Get at least full armour, if they engage it’s not the end of the world. Just keep moving in the dome, take out the guy that thought it would be a good idea to run at you by himself, with him down I can usually manage one or two more incaps, then I run, wait for darts to wear off then start sneaking into some inconspicuous corner and evolve, get full armour and repeat the last process, except I may be able to kill them all for good.


As someone who mains trapper, sneak a bit then jump and run in the beginning until you hear them drop from the ship. Then SNEAK and SNEAK POUNCE your food until they come. Always keep moving and smelling. The thing is, when I use my surround sound headsets, I can easily find the monster by the noises it makes. So do NOT jump or run normally unless we’ve seen you and you need to get away. Always sneak and break line of sight. Go left, right, or whatever. This way you’ll at least reach Stage 2. Then just quickly eat eat eat and confront them.


Here is my video of an average game.

What should I have done?


Try to go for 3 meats or 2 meats minium, dont risk to eat 1 meats to attract birds (very important vs Abe)

Dont commit to stage 1 fights, juke away as much as you can.

Leap Smash and Charge are good starting skills to survive to stage 2

I think you should use the minimap more and avoid those cut off points that trapper can exploit.

Sneaky and standing still vs Daisy is never a good idea, you can sneak but try to reposition yourself for a good escape.

That map is cruel for monsters, its never easy dont feel so bad about it.

  1. Biggest mistake you have made was sneaking when they had daisy on top of you. At the start you have wasted WAY TOO MUCH time on sneaking. Leaving false tracks against anyone who knows how to use Daisy is a total waste of time. Daisy will bypass false tracks and head towards your current direction. Even if you do leave false tracks, you should just sneak for a while then run normally, avoid using skills when you are in “sneak” time (not being detected by hunters). Skills make plenty of noise and visual indication.

  2. You have been using fire to kill wildlife, this is super slow way of doing so. I would suggest you using fire as an utility ability to find cloaked enemies. If you want to farm wildlife use leap smash.

  3. I strongly recommend using charge on first level, just to have 1 more traversal ability, it really helps you when in dire need of gaining further distance.

  4. That sitting in the bush 5:30 lost you the game. As I said in #1, they had Daisy, it was just a matter of time that Daisy would lead them to you. You had an opportunity to move when most of them passed by, you should just go to the direction behind you (sneaking), gaining you very important time.

  5. If you are bad at focusing/shutting down specific players, just avoid any conflict in dome, hide yourself behind cover ceasing any line of sight between you and the hunters. If they get close, either punch them so they fall down the cliff (if you are sitting on some high ground) or jump to the other end of the arena. Charge and Leap are recommended for gaining an extra distance.


Here are my tips and strategy.

-If you see Maggie/daisy don’t waste your time by sneaking at the start of the match. With the other trappers I will leave a set of false tracks in one direction (only about 5 steps or so) then immediately sneak off somewhere else.

-Take 2 points in fire breath and 1 in leap smash or charge at stage 1. With 2 points in fire breath you can easily kill any wildlife that is worth 3 bars of meat. It is also the most quiet of all the goliaths attacks. Farming striders is super easy this way as they die very fast to fire breath, are worth 2 meats, travels in groups (usually), and are plentiful on most maps.

-Don’t waste your time trying to sneak attack wildlife at stage 1. Your lunge distance is very short at stage 1 and usually the wildlife has already spotted you and is trying to run away. Only sneak attack wildlife if you know the hunters are close by and there is good meal to be had such as mammoth bird that is worth 3 meats.

-You can’t hide from daisy ever. You lost the match hiding in the bush. The only time you should hide is when there is no daisy, your evolving and you need some quick cover, or your hiding from one of the other trappers.

-Always stay on the move. You had a huge advantage when you got the speed boost perk and no hunter would have been able to catch you if you stayed on the move.

-Use the minimap. I always open the minimap from time to time to see exactly where I’m at and where I want to go next. This allows me to plan my moves more effectively as I gain a better understanding of where the sightlines are and where the hunters are in relation to the those sightlines. Using the minimap also helps prevent you from getting trapped in corners or difficult areas.

-If you get caught in a dome, and lets just admit we all get caught sometimes when we don’t want to, don’t panic. If your not ready for a fight use your mobility to move around the dome and hide from them. The first time you got domed you were in a very bad spot as there was very little cover there. Your second option is to focus down the trapper as fast as possible then run away.

-ALWAYS know which hunter you are attacking and who to attack next. You never focused any hunter down and this gave the medic an easy time of healing everyone up. Focus your attacks on the medic or support first (if its hank), If Laz is on the team you must kill him first or immediately find him after you down another hunter to prevent him rezzing a hunter with no strikes.

-Work on your aim. You missed almost all your leap smashes because you didn’t take the extra half second to aim it. A missed attack is a huge mistake when fighting a good team of hunters. Hold down the button to bring up the aim reticule and then bring the pain down upon them!

-This is up to you but I don’t engage the hunters until stage 2 and full armor. I don’t go for the win either at this point. I just use this to gage the hunters abilities and skill level. If I have a big advantage then I will finish them off but my main goal is to get at least a couple strikes on them before I run off and get to stage 3 for the final fight.


Most people covered the main points here. If you can get to stage 2 and armour, I’d also suggest looking for fights near big wildlife. If you can force the fight near a tyrant or other large creature it can be an absolute nightmare for the hunters. They will always have more trouble with this than you.