Hello, new guy here


Add me. geniusbar99 on psn

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Hey cool new people
Well, what I think is a person
Oh no

I’m tired ;_;
But yeah, hi, welcome, nice place, and it’s lightish red


Hi!!! Welcome to the forums , hope you enjoy your stay :grin:

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Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay and enjoy our cult. :slight_smile:

If ever you require assistance with technical matters here you can tag myself or one of my peers with the @ symbol in front of our names. :slight_smile:

And don’t touch my Shin.

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If you’re having any forum difficulties, have a gander here: Hunter’s Guide to the Evolve Forum


Welcome!! Hope you enjoy the forums.


We shall eat you alive here… If you do well to survive the first few weeks we shall accept you with open arms… But it will be a long road filled with horrifically, unbearable nightmares…

(You can avoid this and go straight to being accepted by sending me food at an address that will be supplied later. Meats are welcome, but no corn. Corn is bad. VERY bad.)

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If you want to some good guys to play with you can add me. My username is the same mine here. I’m in North America, play all the time.

^this is true

the forums are as addictive as Oreos and Cocaine combined

but anywho, welcome to the forums

Ew and ew.


Agreed, Oreos are poopoo.

Welcome! 10times

What’s your PSN? I can invite you to an Evolve community on PS4. It already has loads of players. I’d give a number but it would just be a guess. If you’re interested but undecided I can go and check.

Welcome to the forums fellow monster hunter or hunter hunter! (that so works) :blush:
I hope you enjoy your time around this forum of theories, hype trains and debates of OP or UP-ness ^^

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it’s been proven that Oreos are the most addictive consumable, right beside drugs and potato chips

x18x2xWildx is my unnecessarily complicated username. Blame 16yo me lol

Hello new forumer! It’s always nice to see new people in these forums. :smile:

New players are friends, not food!

I’ll invite you to it when I get on tonight. over 500 players and between 40-70 active games at all times. :slight_smile: