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Ok thanks, anymore that I should know about possibly?


Nothing that comes to mind.


DD = Direct Damage. This is usually single target damage.
AoE = Area of Effect. This includes Splash Damage like Hyde’s Grenades or Bucket’s Rockets.
LoS = Line of Sight. If someone is hiding behind a rock or wall, you can lose LoS (Line of Sight) on them.
DoT = Damage over Time. This is something that can drain HP after the main effect has landed. For instance Hyde & Caira’s burning flame damage.
T1, T2, T3 etc… = Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3. Usually denotes a ‘Tier’ of Hunters & Monster.
Rez = Ressurect.
DPS = Damage per Second. (This is usually a paper value meaning that it’s the amount of damage something could do in ideal situations. Most of the time DPS is a standard more so than what is usually achieved)


Thanks, I knew all of those ones other than “DD”, “DoT” and “Rez”.

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Dome evolve = when hunters hold the dome until the monster evolves with no armor. then domes them for maximum damage.

CHMM = an older term for the standard meta of the game. stands for caira, hank, maggie, markov. still to this day a viable competitive comp.

skirting = when annoying hunters jetpack up and down a surface preventing half of goliaths moves from working lol.

divebomb = pressing aftershock high in the air then diving down with good timing so there is no room to react.

beam team = when all 4 members have beams. like val, hank/sunny , jack/griffin, markov


Another term used is roaching for this.


Oooh that’s another one I forgot to mention, what does “Meta” mean?

I’ve seen it so many times and it kinda annoyed me not knowing what it meant.


Meta is basically the game state outside of game mechanics. For instance, many people thought Wraith was super good when the game first came out. So the ‘Meta’ was that MANY people played Wraith. Right now, Kraken is deemed the ‘strongest’ and so the Meta is that there are lots of Kraken players out there. Along with Meta you might see the term Fotm which stands for Flavor, or fad, of the month. Usually it means something is considered super strong/broken and everyone will flock to it.


Thank you yet again, starting to know my terminology a lot better now :smile:

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I can’t believe nobody shared this awesome thread:

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I saw that but it’s huge, I gave up after 1-2 minutes of reading after I realised how big it was :neutral_face:

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You may be interested in this part :smile:

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Ooh that is useful thank you

A few in there that I hadn’t even heard of before


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Just to be more specific on “CC”

“Crowd control” arent just things that just directly slow down/stop the monster (Trappers that use harpoons, stasis, repulsor, tranqs, etc). Crowd control can also be things influence behaviors, or prevent abilities. Markovs mine encouraging a goliath to use flame breath to take them out? Thats a form of crowd control. Sunny using her jet boost to force the monsters to burn traversals to keep on their targets, thus lowering/limiting the amount of traversals they have? Thats crowd control. Or forcing the monsters to deal with her drone? Also crowd control Buckets turrets making an area of pain influencing you to NOT want to fight there? Crowd control.

Anything that inhibits you from doing, what you want to do, when you want to do it, or influences you to do things you dont normally want to do, is crowd control.


Loop -An unclimbable wall or other tall piece of geometry the monster can run in a complete circle around while in the dome. You want these as monster, but not hunters.

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