Hello! I am your new Community Manager~




Welp, I get less active on the forums and this is what happens. Guess I’m always the last one to hear the news.

That said, welcome @MissMurder! We’re all expecting great things from you and hope to hear from you often enough. :slight_smile:

Also, pineapple on pizza is delicious IF the pineapple chunks are not too big AND if it comes with ham at a ratio of 5:2.


Do I need to mention this again?

I fEeL tRèS bOn! HoN hOn HoN…




By the way, if you want the original video, no need to google it, it’s in the thread.


So, Eggs on Pizza, 20% of you are in for a treat when you get around to it. 63% of you are straight up crazy.


5:2…Such a precise ratio


I’m quite late with a post, but welcome to the forums! It’s good to see the Turtle Rock team is growing stronger!

Oh, and we got a pizza emoji! :pizza: :+1:

I do, but I don’t mind being a monster once in a while. :monster: :goliath_roar:

…now where did they put my self-destruct button. :red_circle:





Guess I’m joining in as late as always but I can proudly say that I am a Burger guy and Pizza is good too. I will bring thy war to an end…one day

Welcome to the family @MissMurder!


Am I late to the party?

Welcome to the club, @MissMurder! I think you’re going to like it here, if you like pizzas and gifs. :slightly_smiling_face:

buffalo ranch pizza > every other pizza don’t @ me


I am ready for new NEWS!!! Welcome @Missmurder


Can’t believe I missed this thread!!! Awesome to have you around!!

Looking forward to the future of the forums :slight_smile:


Thank you all again for the warm welcome. We are going to have a lot of fun!


So you might have to deal with me in the future? oh boy, that’s gonna be fun



oof, got ahead of myself there.

Welcome, glad to have you aboard!

I’ll introduce myself because you’ll be seeing a lot of me when these forums start ramping up with popularity.

I’m Xplo, I have too many aliases, but Xplo is the ones I’m known for here.

  • Evolve’s the game, Emets the bae. (It’s best you’ll understand me if you know who Emetbae is)
  • I have a crippling addiction to glitter and Emet.
    • The glitter must always be Pink and Blue.
  • The addiction started when I misunderstood an event that was happening in Evolve (I though Behemoth and Emet could get matching skins, so disco Bob = disco Emet), Now I cherish the idea behind it.
  • I have a glitter PC with Emet’s face.
  • Evolve and TRS mean the world to me.

Also, here is what my PC looks like:

So talking about how much I’m dedicated to it will always remain as an understatement…

Some misc facts about me:

  • I think I have the highest record for the most healing done with Emet (check my prof card)
  • I’m actually insane irl send help.
  • i make weird shit that doesn’t qualify as content nor memes, like this:
  • I’ve actually been promoted and demoted to and from regular 2 times now, going on 3.

and this

and this


and this


and this

and this

I’ll stop with the meme spam now.

Welcome ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

this is your life now ¯\_(ツ)__/¯


Hello and welcome to one of the best communities ever. Very glad to have you here!


I recently redownloaded it so I’m


Now I see it. He is the standard of what a man should be.

I don’t like it on pizza, I like it with pizza:


Fuck yeh, you even saw Evolve at E3 in 2013.

Your new nickname is 3ME.

HA, you’re 2 funny 3 me.

However I like Jurassic Park more than LOTR

AC-10-day-ban inbound

Take me with you.

Not kidding, I played launch Evolve on a PC without a graphics card. Hank Not only orbitaled any monster’s armor, but is also orbitaled my PC.

zumbielollegos was my first.

God helped me stop being a little shit. Now I’m a grown shit :smile: