Hello! I am your new Community Manager~


I had a meat feast tonight with the bf.


Really late to the party but hey there!


Rarely are they ever spicy enough.


I definitely do not have that problem lol.


Speaking of spicy, I want your pepper opinion. I’ve been cooking with habaneros lately, but I’m getting a little bored with em. Already use a lot of jalapenos and serranos. Got any pepper recommendations?


@TheMountainThatRoarsis correct! I picked the name as a gamer tag when I was playing CS and was a hugeeee fan of AFI. This is what happens when you pick your tag as a 14 year old haha. And it stuck since I did end up working on shooters mostly :slight_smile:


Thai chilis (above) are pretty hot, useful in cooking, and go nicely with lots of things, especially Asian style food. There are lots of other small red chilis that I don’t know by name, but which may serve well.

I have grown Thai chilis in my backyard, or at least I think that’s what they were. They grew well, and were very productive. I have lots in the freezer still. But they fruit for one year and then mostly die off, so you have to replant. (I can get 2 years out of a habanero plant.)

I’ve also had ghost chilis, and Trinidad Scorpion (once). They are, obviously, face melting hot. Also I think they are ugly. But they smell and taste pretty good too. Probably hard to find fresh ones though. The ones I had were given to me by a friend, dunno where he got them.


I’m by no means a chili pepper expert, but this, right here, is the most boring of them all.


I wouldn’t say boring. I love their flavor, but they aren’t very hot, and i eat em a lot, so I’m tired of the taste.

Anyway, let’s get back on track here folks. We’ve got a new community manager! Pizza was also mentioned.


Alrighty @MissMurder What are…
A) Two of your top movies…
2) Three of your favorite bands (not including AFI)…
D) Four foods you have never tried, but want to…


Oh God… that irks me… SOO HARD… Why would you do this…




Psh, pleb…


Hello there. You might not see much of me but it’s always nice to see a new face. Welcome to the forums, I am the resident, lurking, dinosaur enthusiast of the community.
We will watch your career with great interest.


I wanna do the test as well (in case she doesn’t want to do it, hehehe).

Gravity and Interstellar

Ah…well, I’m not really following any music group. I just pick musics that I like, whatever the group.

The french Meal Ready to Eat ration (it is said that it’s worth 5 american MREs because of the taste), venison meat, cooked crab and a guava.


That surprises me as they are both relatively newer movies.


Come on, they’re amazing! They’re both realistic and memorable. Interstellar’s ambiance music is unique and both movies left me with a big smile, and I was never used to smile after a movie.

Interstellar is a theatre of both the beauty of space exploration and discovery. The ending is very touching as well (spoiler alert) your daughter wait for her whole life to see you again, and you arrive to give her a visit while she’s in her hospital bed. It’s complicated to explain, but I find the scene very touching.


I dunno about realistic. They were both good though.



Seems like I’m late the the party as usual. Welcome to the community! Glad to see a new face!


I liked Interstellar fine and all, but I can’t think about it without Mcconaughey’s voice shouting “murph!” over and over again creeping into my head.


Interstellar is in my top 10 for sure