Hello! I am your new Community Manager~


The bon hype start when we get our first tease is what i meant

Somewhat smooth save


I think I have the specs to be in the first alpha this time…lets hope they have another one of them.


Change “release” to “announce”


Welcome @MissMurder ! I used to make lots of Evolve content, everyone here is so lovable and I had a great relationship with the last comminty manager so I hope I get to do some more stuff with this future title with you and TRS in general!

Just so you know if I hurl extremely dark insults at @deanimate most of the time its all fun and games :smiling_imp:



Welcome aboard!

Since we have a new CM I feel things around here are going to start happening again.:thinking:

Pepperoni and pineapple on pizza is excellent.


There was that much confusion, I thought this was the “say something random” thread


/The sun is a deadly lazer


Good reference.


And everything that I was sending you, had a meaning you did not seem to understand. You thought “hey Dovah is sending memes, let’s send memes back” and it was not what I had wished.


Not anymore, there’s a blanket


I got so hyped when I saw this post. I thought “new community manager means a new game’s community to manage yay”

Welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay.


Hello MissMuder,

So nice to meet you!

Ok… so lets get this off the table… How did you come up with that nickname?


My guess is that she really likes AFI.


I’m rather fond of LOTR myself!

And pizza. With or without pineapple!

I’d say my ideal pizza would be pepperoni, bell pepper, mushroom, onion, and jalapeno. However, I’ll happily eat a pineapple-and-ham pizza.


Understatement of the year. :wink:


Oh, now that you mention it, it reminds me of this Gmod video from Eltorro64rus, one of the greatest gmoders ever known.


this is a close second favorite of mine.
Mine is pepperoni, chicken, black olives, mushrooms, spinach(peppers optional) and extra cheese to hold all that mess down.


Alright everyones talkin bout pizza but how do y’all feel about wings.

I gotta say my favourite wings are sweet and spicy thai chili


I think wings are an excuse for adults to eat chicken tenders. just eat the tenders.


Oof how dare you.