Hello! I am your new Community Manager~


LoTR is probably the greatest series of movies and books ever. You have good taste.


I prefer WoT or malazan book of the Fallen. Though those probably aren’t gonna be turned into movies and if they do I doubt we’ll be lucky enough to get the 1 in a million chance of it actually turning out well…


Speaking of Pineapple Pizza I’d probably try it if I had the money… and if my tongue didn’t instantly start burning at the taste of pineapples…


Well congratulations you’re wrong. LoTR is the best and I’ll remind you every day if necessary. You’re going to love it, even if I have to Stockholm Syndrome it to you.


LoTR is good and it’s the grandpappy of high fantasy but that doesn’t mean Tolkien did it best


But tiger. My opinion is the right one. I’ve seen the movies 500 times so I have to be right. Smh you don’t even know how the internet works.


And by the way, I must declare that corn pizzas really don’t look that great for me XD


Excuse me but I’ve watched insert movie here 100,000 times and I’ve leveled up countless times in my class Being Right.



Ironic. Ackchyually it is you that doesn’t understand the internet. People are not allowed to agree on the internet also I banged ur entire family tree. Also ur mom boom.





My spidey senses are tingling… @GrizzleMarine and @deanimate shinanigans are afoot…

All seriousness, Welcome to the community :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing your content.
Let me just follow on twitter…

Oh… nvm. already did that apparently… Well this is awkward…

:slight_smile: We’re a bunch of weirdo’s… But we’re a friendly bunch of weirdo’s :slight_smile:


I am not friendly!



We’re going to become friends.


New Community manager most likely means new community.
And new communities don’t just appear by themselves.


-TRS will release the game by the end of 2018
-New community manager
“Lok liek it’s tam to stat de hype bon fire boissssssss”


Glad to have you steering this ship!


Nah, if it does it won’t likely be until mid to late 2019 at the earliest. Evolve was teased almost a year before it came out (Granted it was delayed a few months but still)


Nice how are you?


It won’t be Evolve but I am looking forward to what it is :slight_smile:


Face your fears 2 has been all over the TRS feeds, and I assume that’s probably the game that is meant to be released before the end of 2018? As @MaddCow says, even if we start hearing about the new IP soon it’ll still still be some way off yet!