Hello! I am your new Community Manager~


Is it the fact that because I’m a pirate captain I tried to hijack the thread?


Welcome to this cozy little pizza loving family. :smiley:

I am a monster for sure, pineapple on pizza is a necessity for me!
Other pineapple lovers, we must band together to encourage this flavorful, tropical topping.


Way coolerer than pokemanz


Exciting news!



Pirates and PIZZA go together like toast and jam! I wouldn’t say you hijacked it, just boarded it to look for rum. XD


I was after the booty.




The only way to eat a pineapple pizza



…I think it’s safe to say…we can all agree…OUCH…


That was the first gif to pop up when I searched pineapple pizza and I just wasn’t feeling any of the others. Lol


Pineapple on pizza is okay. I wouldn’t say no to a slice, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to order it.


Oh no…this is so disturbing. I don’t like babies due to the fact that they scream, slobber, vomit, etc…but to see babies being either killed or wounded or eaten like in the gif or anything else, it shocks me, I feel the emotion of the babies to a high level in extreme cases.
I feel my throat thightening whenever I see this gif.


Babies cry a lot. It happens. It’s not fun, but it happens.


that is a most extreme reaction. I cannot deny it is disturbing, though I must admit it’s entirely a gag effect. they don’t make babies that small. Not since the last I’ve checked. I’m happy to put a spoiler on it if you’d prefer. So you don’t see it accidentally.


Maybe you take my reaction as extreme, but how would you react if you witness a baby being killed in front of your own eyes? I would sob a lot if that happens!


M8 it’s a joke gif chill


Well, that’s simply not happening, but if it effects you that deeply, I’ll remove it, friend.


Thank you.


LOTR is my favorite thing on the planet… after pizza. I knew you guys were cool but this is like whoa!