Hello! I am your new Community Manager~


I want pierogis



Regardless of who the captain is, I think this thread is sinking…


This is acceptable!


I knew I liked you.


HAHAHA, I’m not even watching your videos, the quality seems so bad!


I think a night in the hole will do you good ya skallywag!


Okay you too, back on topic. Or at least back to Pizza toppings.


Tiger will remember that



Hello, @MissMurder! It’s always a joy to meet new people around :smiley:
As expressed by several already, I too look forward to seeing more of your endeavours around this community! (Which if I may personally add, I think it’s a great one :p)


You guys are clearly missing the giant elephant in the room, but I shall just tent my fingers and snicker in the darkness.


That news of the new IP may be close?


I think sledge is trying to distract us all from acknowledging the supremacy of pineapple on pizza.


How big does an elephant have to be in order to be giant? Is there an official measurement? Suddenly curious.


It’s what everyone is hopping to know about. But in the end, I begin to have doubts. She’s a community manager, but that probably isn’t much about the new IP.


At least 1.5 elephants at standard temperature and pressure.


LOTR levels of huge:


Those are, indeed, large elephants. Though technically called Oliphaunts.


Sounds like a pokeyman