Hello! I am your new Community Manager~


Both. It was a very interesting time for me i’m sure you can imagine haha. No comment on the pineapple thing :stuck_out_tongue: We can still be friends…


I don’t like change…


Oh yeah, that must have been…I don’t even know.

For the record, I was happy with the initial endings.

Also… just sayin


Too bad for you, you’ll have to get used to it.
And what “change” do you mean?




Good to see some fellow pineapple pizza lovers


Toast pizza!


I love toast, so that looks amazing


omg brilliant :heart:


By the way, my father does homemade pizzas with what he can when we’re lacking ideas for diner’s food.
Last time he made a pizza was yesterday…but our dog stole a piece of it while he wasn’t in the kitchen.


I don’t know why anyone would ruin good pizza with pineapple.


Hello community manager lady. I am the Captain. As the captain of this forum what I say goes otherwise there would be mutiny on ship.

I won’t be tolerating any mutiny so I have decided to put you in charge as my skipper. Keep everyone in line for me.

Also we eat calzone in these parts.


I preferred it when the world was round, not flat




Pineapple mustard race


Edit: this was supposed to be in response to @TheMountainThatRoars



The captain don’t take kindly to mockery or japery boi.