Hello! I am your new Community Manager~


Lmao the wraith is OP discussion
Better than the wraith is… um. Attrac-BARF
I cant do it lol


But she is.


I regret searching that because now it’s in my history.


Hahaha oh my gawd
brushes the lewd art under the rug b4 thread derail
Y-yes nothing to see here @MissMurder nothing at all :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I swear we’re not crazy


e wbfhujewabfhk

i sUrE aM.


No shit! And I bet you’ve come across nastier stuff while searching.


Leave short devs out of this! they are precious and perfect as they are!


I want a mustache like that some day.


New Team Member to TRS, onslaughts from forums with MEME… ah yes, welcome to the community MissMurder. ^.^


I want a mustache some day


Those cretins aren’t even deserving of the shameful attention that they would get if I exposed them.





all the best people are :wink:


Hello @XplosionIncorporated!!

Thank you for all the awesome info and pics. I feel like I already know you :stuck_out_tongue:

Your PC is very pretty.


And I want you to have this mustache some day!


I am sorry that your mustache became a body blanket instead but…it’s warmth and meal storage options must be amazing!


It gets better,

The power button doesn’t work, so I need to turn it on using the power button on the motherboard.


You know who hasn’t shown up yet… @Azmi_Anuar


It isn’t the right moment yet


I gotta know @MissMurder
How did you get Brawlhalla to follow you?