Hello! Have a Medic!


SO, hello I’m Titan.
I do a fair bit of doodles here and there and I absolutely love Caira; Even though I am a Support and Griffin player at heart, I can’t get over how much I love Cairas design and everything (however, I am already in love with every little thing TRS will throw at me) I’ll get more done and hopefully move on down the medic track for val and lazarus! WIPs most likely incoming but for now, have a Caira!


Caira, best medic NA!


Laz, best medic EU


Val, best medic everywhere!


Monster, best enemy in the galaxy.


Assault’s shield > Who cares about the medic.


Caira Masterrace B)

Like your art style pal :smiley:
Do you have some sort of Blog or page i could see more of your works? =D


By order of power:

Caira > Val > Laz


Its so and so ish, more like a personal blog for now and its on Tumblr getting round to making everything nice and dandy if procrastination does not take me alive


I wish I was half as good as you at drawing people!


Why does Caira look like an older Ellie from the Last of Us, and why have I only noticed that now?

She even has a similar personality in some ways.

I can’t unsee. It’s a good thing though. Very good.

Also, neat drawing! Do show the final results.


Long story short, shifting to a newer better comp to deal with everything and to handle Evolve. SO when moving out I lost Caira ;_;. restarted for now, remaking Caira with the rest though


Do you take requests? Cause I’d love to see you draw val. Maybe in a nurses costume lol. She may be a combat medic. But you can tell by looking at her she’s got a naughty nurse complex at heart :wink:


Keife im going through your posts it leads me here, what did i expect i guess…